Thursday, 30 August 2018


The Reward and Recognition Policy Should be Sustained to Create Healthy Competition Among Staff - James Friday

CCD: Can we have your brief profile Sir?
JI: I am James Ikedichi Friday, an indigene of Benue state, a graduate of Economics from Benue State University Makurdi. I did my one year compulsory National Youth Service Programme with the Research Department of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Lagos Branch in 2009. I got my first post graduation job with Guinness Nigeria Plc, as a distributor admin clerk in 2012. I worked in different capacity with the Company before joining Kaduna Electric in 2015 as a Sales Representative. Presently I am the Kakuri Service Centre Manager under Makera Regional Office.

CCD: Tell us what it is like supervising a Service Centre?
JI: I see it as a privileged to serve the Company in this capacity as a Service Centre Manager.  Though It has never being an easy task supervising your colleagues and friends, but it only takes humility, tolerance, patience and understanding to be able to get the best out of my subordinate and get the office up and going. 

CCD: What do you consider as the challenging part of supervising people and managing customers?
JI: Being a supervisor may appear to be an easy job that requires one to only gives instruction to his subordinate but this is not the case, as a supervisor, I faces a lot of challenges in running the affairs of the Service Centre effectively. For instance, my superior may require an urgent report from me and I need inputs for the report from my subordinate and that at same subordinate happened to be my good friend, he may not understand the urgency of that report and failure to meet deadline attract a query for me as the supervisor so, I am in a fix because query awaits me and my friend is not responding; it is a big challenge and also the medium of communication between me and my subordinate often pose some challenges. However, most time  I fine a common ground for effective communication for work to move forward.
CCD: What is your total customer population and their classification?
JI: Our total customers population is Seven thousand four hundred and fifty five, Total post-paid customers is One Thousand eight hundred and ninety one, while total prepaid customers are five thousand five hundred and sixty four.
CCD: One tough challenge facing the company is poor collection, what is your contribution to that?                                                                                     
JI: Well, poor collection has being a major challenge to the Company as of today, even though from our end we are doing our best to achieve 70% to 85% collection of our given target. The Company has to first engage in human capital development, pro-active investments and preventive maintenance of all the networks and installations of the Company.
The Company also have to do more in community engagement and public awareness about electricity, people should know electricity is not free, it doesn’t belong to the government  and when you pay your bills, it help the company to serve you better; reward and recognition for Staff that are outstanding to create healthy competition within the system. I think by so doing, collection in itself will automatically begin to take a new shape for good.

CCD: What are you doing in terms of relationship management with staff and customers as well?                                                                                       
JI: I have good relationship with my staff over time, though we usually have our difference but then I give room for constructive criticism to my leadership style as long as it is to the interest of the Company. And for the customers in my services centre, I enjoy good relationship with our host community through our engagement mechanism with the heads of the community and the locals which has reduce harassment to our staffs when carrying out their lawful duties.  I also try as much as I can to listen to all customers  that have complaints or letters address to my table, I make sure I proffer immediate solution  to their complaints. I also go out of my way to check the registered complaints  to make sure that  the engineers attends to all the customers complaints of the previous day. We try as much as we can to give quick response to our customers complaints because  by doing that the customer gain our confidence and he/she will be satisfied at the end of the day.
On the Company’s career progression, I think I am on the right part in my career growth because I love what I am doing right now and the position I currently occupy owing to the fact that I started as a Sales Rep and today I am a Supervisor’ one thing I know for sure is that with dedication and hard work sky will surely be my starting point.   
CCD: What would you consider as your major achievement as a Supervisor?                                                                                                 
JI: I have been able to improve my Service Centre collection for post-paid customers from  4 Million Naira as at last year August when I took over to 7 Million Naira as at today. I also increase the customers’ base by 15% owning to the fact that the service centre is already saturated.                                                                                            
CCD: Any appeal or suggestions to staff or management?
JI: Frequent training and re-training of staff by Management, improve welfare package to meet up with standard of the electricity sector.

Thursday, 16 August 2018


Building Customers’ Loyalty is Hard, But Key to Business Success

CCD: Sir can we briefly have your profile?
IH: My name is Iliyasu Hussaini , I am  an indigene of Kebbi State, I was born on 5 April 1989 at Kalgo local government of Kebbi state. I attended Simterlex  Primary School in  Kaduna State and  later proceeded to Science  Secondary School Sokoto from 2003 to 2009. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from  University of Ilorin, Kwara State.

CCD: When did you join this company, and what are your assigned responsibilities?
IH: I joined Kaduna Electric on 1st September, 2015 and my responsibilities  includes developing  good, strong and sound marketing strategy to enhance revenue collection; enhance customers relations and to make the customers to pay their electricity bills seamlessly without resorting to confrontation or any primitive approach.

CCD: How do you ensure fairness in dealing with your customers.
IH: As a Sales Representative of this Company, my responsibility starts with ensuring that the customers are billed accurately and deliver the bills timely. As you are aware, marketing  is the backbone of the Company as all revenue come to the Company through the activities of the Sales Reps who are always interacting with the customers. It is therefore essential that these business interactions should  be done with fairness to both parties.

CCD: What are the challenges?
IH: Initially, we faced so many challenges, but  we have to come down and faced all the challenges squarely. Many a times, customers insults us, shout on us; call us names; make uncomplimentary remarks about us and even express hostilities against us, but we have to bear it, lower yourself no matter your status or background to make your customer happy. We are now ready to face the challenges frontally, be it positive or negative that may arise in the course of discharging our official duties.

CCD: How is it working under pressure or  stressful situation?
IH: Stress  and pressure, it’s all begins in our minds via our thought or belief. Thus, an important key to neutralizing stress is to fuel our minds with more positive, happy, gratitude-filled thoughts in order to trigger our stress responses less often.Here are some of my favourite tips to make this happen: Cultivate the habit of being gratitude irrespective of the situation. Things may go wrong during the course of our work day, or at least, may not go according to our plan, situations like this are inevitable; remain calm and thankful to God. Then meditate regularly; consistent meditations, even if it is only for five minutes in a day, will help lower your blood pressure. Lastly, learn to say “ YES” if you agree and “NO” if you disagree. Being over booked, over worked and over committed will lead to Stress. You must learn to politely express your feelings and get spiritual, regardless of what “spirituality” means to you.

CCD: It is being argued that the challenges being encountered in the field are largely due lack of awareness on the part of the customers and lack of customers engagement from our part, what do you have to say?
IH: Building customers’ loyalty is hard, but it is one of the important ingredients for the success of a business. It can cost nearly seven times more efforts and resources to keep existing customers than to acquire new customers.
In enlightening my customers, I do take the following ways; Let the customers know what you are doing for them. This can be done via a quick informal phone call or  a friendly text messages either way.
Visit them from time to time to tell them how important they are to your business and how you can serve them better.
Remember their special occasions by sending regular customers birthday and holiday cards. Try not to make it boring (like other companies). If you can make this special cards unique in your way, that will go a long way to building customer loyalty; tie the cards ideas into your business; make sure it contain passion information which is relevant to improving the services your offer.
When you talk to your customer, make sure you take an open approach  to every contact you have with each of your customer.
CCD:  What is your definition of success and how do you measure success?
IH: My definition of success is the outcome of hard work and sustaining the hard work, keep on going so as to maintain your balance. I measure my success through my out put, whether they are qualitative and not necessarily qualitative, If the quality is up to standard then success is achieved.
CCD:  What are your strengths?                                  
IH: My strengths are the ability to use my own initiative to take on challenges. I am always proactive at what I do and that keeps my mind simulated and focused.
My greatest strengths would be my intelligence and thoughtfulness. I believe that in every work environment, you need to process every step and be detailed in your work.
My time management skills are excellent and I'm organized, efficient, and take pride in excelling at my work.
I always understand the value of time and I am always able to innovate. I listen to advice from others.
My greatest strength is my ability to focus on my work. I'm not easily distracted, and this means that my performance is very high.
CCD:  What do you sincerely feel is your weak-point in term of your job?
IH: I intended to be a perfectionist; therefore I didn't like to delegate to others. But I have found out that in order to develop any organization, everyone in the organization must be experienced with many tasks and this is very good for an efficient team work.

Monday, 13 August 2018


Engr. Umar Faruk BDRO Doka
CCD: You are one of the BDROs appointed recently after a rigorous selection process, how do you feel being among the two selected?
UF: Well, I feel delighted and I believe the right thing was done and I really appreciate the process; I believe  if such a standard is maintained, surely the best hands are going to emerge in the right place.

CCD: Doka Regional Office is one of the money-spinning region in the company, how have you been coping with the challenges of this assignment?
UF: (laughs...) challenges. Just like you just mentioned, Daka Area Office is the cash cow of the company. When we came we actually met so many challenges which we have been tackling, these challenges ranges from customers response, the network itself and the issue of energy theft; these are issues that we are focusing on and even the staff attitude to work is one of the things we tackled. The truth is that there are challenges and we are doing our best to address them. As somebody that feels he his capable and has the experience, when you have challenges normally you prioritized them in the sense that this is the business environment, the first thing you need to focus on is how to move the business forward so, we have been tackling them based on priority and God have been helping us.

CCD: What is the performance of your office Vis-à-vis the energy received and the collections?
UF: When we talk about the energy received in relation to the collection, the Region is not fairing well. We have twenty-three feeders, out of this, eight are priority feeders. As you know,  our feeders are categorized into three; first one  we call it a Green Feeder, that is our priority feeder; then Amber, which is the Yellow Feeder, and then the Red Feeder. Now with nine Green feeders in Doka supplying almost twenty  hours a day, you should know that huge energy is being dispatched and if you are to convert it to Naira, to be honest with you, the collection is just 32-33% so far. When we came on board, it was around 22%, so  we are hopping to take it to 75%  before end of the year, God willing.

CCD: Record has shown that total customer population of Doka Area Office is 101,000, don’t you think that there are still many electricity consumers out there yet to be brought into the system, and if you agree with narrative, what are you doing to bring such unregistered customers into the system?
UF: Yes, I concur  that the total customers’ population of the Company on record does represent the actual number of electricity users in our franchise area. Doka Region is not an exception. It is in response to this challenge  that the Management initiated a customers and assets enumeration programme called Project 415 in the past. This project has produced almost twenty five thousand bills, largely due to separation. There is actually some customers that need to be separated, like you meet a compound with ten or twenty  tenants and they are using a single supply and that really affect our collections. Another strategy adopted to fish out those illegal consumers is through the  newly created Enforcement teams. Henceforth, any customer that we are not able to capture and he is enjoying our energy out there, we called him or her an energy thief and the enforcement teams are basically saddled with the responsibility of these energy thefts. I can tell you this year alone, we have arrested more than three hundred of such energy thieves in Doka, some are registered while some are unregistered, some are using meters and decided to abundant the meter; these are the energy issues we are talking about.
Then when you are talking about those that are not captured, I believe  this project 415 has done enough to capture them, it is just that there are some irregularities and human errors; some  maybe due to  poor understanding of the  terms of reference given to those that undertook the project or they were not clear with what is the project was expected to achieve. For example, there are instances where an  empty plot of land was allocated an account and billed, these are some of the challenges I met as regard that project, but honestly speaking, the project succeeded in getting so many customers but there could be a few unidentified ones left in some scattered areas and those are the people that I am telling you are stealing our energy, they are not ready to be part of us and like I mentioned earlier, the Enforcement unit taking care of such issues and they are doing their best.

CCD: Our investigation also reveals that only 34-35% of customers billed response to payment, what do you think is the course of this poor customers response and what are you doing to reverse the trend?
UF: Before my assumption here, the customers’ response is not even up to that, it was just 22-27%.  This is largely due to the mindset of the customers, the customers still believes that it is business as usual, it is a government thing and we own it, so we should enjoy it for free. This is one thing we are working to change. 
Now with nine Green feeders in Doka supplying almost twenty  hours a day, you should know that huge energy is being dispatched and if you are to convert it to Naira, to be honest with you, the collection is just 32-33% so far. When we came on board, it was around 22%, so  we are hopping to take it to 75%  before end of the year, God willing.
I have set a six months time frame to see  how we can change the mindset of these customers, let them believe that this is a business, somebody uses his own money to get this thing done, so, it has to be paid for, people should pay for the service is one of the things  we are doing to increase our customers response toward the payment of energy consumed and that is why within the period of three to four months, we have succeeded in attaining 34% customers’ response. Like I said earlier, within the period of six months, we shall review the strategy to see how far have gone in changing  the customers mindset.

CCD: You are a qualified engineer, and now you are largely a business manager, how do you manage the demand of these two callings?
UF: I would say at this point that I am lucky  to have a good taste of the two callings; I am an electrical engineer by training and have also gained experience in business management during my eight years sojourn in the banking industry. If you look at the business here, a Distribution Company is the combination of engineering and marketing. So, that is why I said I am very lucky, this is what I read as a discipline and this is what I am practicing, a perfect balance of the two. Therefore, finding myself in an industry like this is like home coming, it is an definitely an advantage to me and I am not finding much difficulties managing the two callings.
CCD: It is being canvassed in some quarters that the present regional offices as they are, are too wide for one BDRO to effectively manage, what is your take on this?
UF: You know this is a personal opinion, but to my understanding and the time I have been in to this company for the past three years, to me, it is not much. When I was in the bank, I covered more than four states under my own supervision and is slightly  more than what I’m having here, so if somebody said the Regional Office is too big for one person to manage, I don’t really know on what basis he/she is talking about; is it the human management, the monitoring aspect or what? But to me and to my own personal understanding and experience, Regional Office is not much for one person to manage, especially with the reform and having so many teams to work with, you have the HRB, HCB, and the CM that is a commercial manager all in your team, what do you need again, there should be delegation of powers and duties; before you know it, everything will move fine, that is my own understanding. I believe in Kaduna Electric, I can fit in everywhere.

CCD: Sir, do you have call to the staff?
UF: We should believe in ourselves and in the Company, Kaduna Electric. Some of the staff  have this mindset of, you know this company is not serious, it is that, it is not doing this and so on, we take that mindset out of our plans, We should have the belief that this is a baby company that is trying to grow up and if you put your best and be part of it, you grow up together; that is my belief, so everybody should work towards achieving the goals of the Company.

Thursday, 9 August 2018


The Impression we Give the Customers, Determines the Seriousness They Attach to Our Business...Jamila

CCD:  Can we meet you?
JI: Yes, my name is Jamila Idris, I was born on 31 March 1987 at Argungu in Kebbi State. I had my Primary education between 1992 to 1997 in Sarki Sani Model Primary school, Argungu, from their I proceeded to FGGC Gwandu from 1997 to 2003 where I obtained my SSCE. I went to Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto where I obtained a Bachelor of Law(LLB) degree in the year 2010. I was called to the Bar  in 2012 after attending  the mandatory one year BL programm at the Nigerian Law School.

CCD: As a Customer Services Representative what are your assignments?
JI: As a Customer Services Representative, my assignments include attending to customers complaint(s); this include receiving customers complaint, forwarding the complaint to the appropriate quarters and follow it up till that customer’s problem is resolved. I send daily collection of my Service Centre; I also send in my report every month. It is also part of my duty to persuade the customer to pay more than what he intended to by calling his attention to his outstanding balance. The way you welcome the customer with humbleness and kindness always determine the way he will attach seriousness to the business.

CCD: How do you see operations of Kaduna Electric?
JI: Our operations are quite ok to some extent. You know nobody is 100% perfect  in his operations especially in business like ours.

CCD: How do you cope up with the challenges of resolving customers’ complaint, especially given the fact that some customers could be hostile?
JI: well, I receive the complaints either verbally or in writing and make sure I forward their complaints to the appropriate channel for resolution, as I said earlier. We must acknowledge the differences if customers’ attitude and handle the diversity as the case may be; some will come as if they want fight you; some will even insult you as if you cause their problems, but Alhamdulillah, whenever we attend to their problems, most of them will come back regretting what they have done initially. From my own side this is achievement. I learnt to talk less, especially when dealing aggrieved or hostile customers; I allow them to express their anger and frustration before I offer explanation. Similarly, I make sure I don’t give bad or erroneous impression of myself or the organisation to the customers. Lastly, I don’t make a promise I know I can’t fulfil; I deal with the customers honestly and in the most professional manner.

CCD: How do your role add value to Kaduna Electric?
JI: My role as a customer care representative add value to the company by making sure that our customers are always satisfied; because the customers are our kings and without them we will not be here; because a customer will come to me first if he has any complaint and I will be the one to attend to him and advice him on what to do or forward the complaint to the appropriate place, the impression I give the customer about the Company matters a lot. I mean resolving customers’ problem is my favourite thing in Kaduna Electric, because it pays a lot. I make sure that every customer that come is happier at the end my interaction with him or her. A happy customer is a valuable customer. 

CCD: Can you share your best day in Kaduna Electric with us?
JI: The best day I can share in this Company is the day we were called to converge at PLUS Centre to enjoyed ourselves to celebrate the performance achieved which I happened to be a valuable member of the team whose contribution to that success was recognised.

CCD: Do you have any appeal to the Management of this company?
JI: I want urge the Management to ensure that the capacity of the people handling the Company’s finances is  improved and enhanced, because in most financial institution, staff that deal with money do undergoes training often. 

CCD: Do you have any call to staff?
JI: My call as a customer care representative to the general staff of this Company is we should keep treating our customers as kings and to be  hard working and efficient as well.

CCD: Thank you for the time spend
JI: Thank you, it is my pleasure.

Friday, 3 August 2018


Management Commends Cashier Who Return N10,000 To Customer
By Asma’u Muhammad

A cashier with Sokoto Regional Office, Mr. Abolarin kunle Ayobami has been commended for declaring over payment of ten thousand naira made by a customer recently.
In a letter of commendation presented to Mr. Abolarin kunle Ayobami by the Business Development and Regional Manager, Sokoto Region, Alh. Masoud Salisu Abdulkadir, the Management described the cashier as an “honest and trustworthy ambassador of the Company” and urged him to keep it up.
The Management described the action of the staff as exemplary and highly commendable, stating that it is an important milestone in the Company’s march towards transparency, accountability and integrity – one of the core values of the Kaduna Electric.
According to the management, “this exemplary attitude (of Mr. Ayobami) is highly commendable and is one of the very important yard sticks towards transparency and accountability in this organization”.
It will be recalled, Mr. Abolarin Kunle Abayomi, a cashier with Sokoto Regional Office, recently declared over payment of ten thousand Naira made by one Alh. Umar Abubakar Ahmed, a customer of the Company, who handed the cashier the sum of one hundred and forty-two thousand naira instead of one hundred and thirty-two thousand naira on the customer’s bill.

MD Unit Braces up to Ensure Billing Efficiency
By Asma’u Muhammad

The Maximum Demand Unit of the Company as concluded plans to ensure 100% billing efficiency of all the Maximum Demand Customers across the Company’s franchise area, targeting between 1.5 and 2billion naira monthly billing.
The Head of the Unit, Alh. Haruna Mohammed disclosed this in an interview with CCD correspondent in his office recently.
He started that 97% of Maximum Demand Customers of the Company have been effectively metered and plans are on the way to meter the remaining 3% before the end of the month.
According to him “We would ensure 100% billing efficiency of the Maximum Demand Customers, we are targeting a minimum of 1.5million and going forward, we should clock 1.8-2billion naira monthly via billings; we are now looking at each and every Maximum Demand Customer to ensure that all the customers are properly metered, and also ensure no meter is compromised”, he stated.
Alh. Haruna further disclosed that Maximum Demand Customers will be given priority in terms of power supply in view of their socioeconomic importance to the society as well as the Company. “As the cash cow of the Company and given the socioeconomic importance of the Maximum Demand Customers, who are largely industrial outfits, the Company shall give them priority in terms of supply, we are also working closely with Engineering Division to ensure that the Maximum Demand Customers are given priority in terms of supply and we should also ensure we monitor each customer within the range; all these tasks are being undertaken so that we can be able to hit the target of 2.5billion naira,” he added.

Kebbi Region Organises In-house Training For Marketers
By Nafi’u Kabir

The Kebbi Regional Office as organized a one-day in-house training program for Marketing and Customer Service Staff of the region.
Declaring the training program open the Business Development and Regional Office Engr. Sa’idu Dogara stated that the exercise is aimed at further building the capacity of Marketing and Customer Service Officers to equipped them with the knowledge of the new process flow recently introduced by the company.
He charged the participant to put to good use knowledge, skills and expertise acquired during the training. “You should make attention to what is going to be discussed, feel free share your opinion let others benefit from your good ideas”.
The Commercial Manager of Kebbi Region Mal. Musa Yusuf who is one of the faculties explained issues such as billing, procedures for setting up new customers, various tariff classification, etc.
In her contribution the Customer Care Representative Khadijat Kemi Alabi, charged Marketers and Customer Service Officers to always approach customers in respectful and polite manners.
According to her “we can change impossible to possible business wise, meaning by showing good manner to our customers they can easily pay what we are not expecting them pay as at when due” She added.

Thursday, 2 August 2018


We Need to Imbibe Inclusive Security … Hassan Ahmad

CCD: Tell us about yourself Sir?
HA: My name is Hassan Ahmad Muhammad; I am currently the Admin and Security Officer, Gusau Regional Office. I was born and brought up in Kaduna State; I attended Kaduna Capital School and later went to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where I had my first degree, I also have a Master’s degree in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (MLCJ) from the same university.
I joined the service of Kaduna Electric two years after serving my dear country; I started at Doka Region, I was later posted to Rigasa Area Office. In September 2017, I was reassigned from SR to ASO and was immediately posted to Sokoto Area Office and now  I am in Gusau Regional Office. I worked as an SR, Administration and Security Officer and lately as team lead, disconnection. I worked with many Service Center Managers, BDROs, TMs, and SMSs.

CCD: As an Administration and Security Officer, what kind of relationship do you have with security personnel and agencies?
HA: The relationship between me as the ASO and most of the security agencies and people is always a cordial one, they always give me cooperation. Whenever their services are needed, a phone call is enough to get them in the scene. For instance, in the case of vandalism, when a vandal is caught by mob or transformer committee, once I give the police or civil defense a call, they will appear at the scene and arrest the suspect, then further investigation is carried out. When threats are posed on our staff while on duty at the field or office, I also invites these uniform men to interfere and they give us cooperation to the best of their abilities.
I also have a good relationship with the Commissioner of Police, since you know he is not our first contact; I don’t frequently go to him when we have issues, but when the need to see him arise, we go to him and present our demands; if it is what he can solve, he does that immediately and if he can’t, he usually advise us on the ways out. The same is applicable to Federal Road safety Commission, Civil defense and the rest.

CCD: What demotivates you?
HA: Shortage of staff in some places like Gusau, the attitude of some of our staffs, absence of some basic logistics like meters ( both transformer meters and individual customer meters) and Inadequate training.

CCD: One tough challenge facing the company is poor collection, what is your contribution to that?
HA: One of my contributions towards cash collection is my second task which is disconnection, as the team lead disconnection of Gusau RO, I try my best to make sure defaulters are effectively disconnected, and we also try to assist in debt recovery i.e. outstanding payments.
I also contribute as security officer through the provision of security to our staff, this would boost their confidence in discharging their responsibilities, and I also try to make our staff understand the importance of inclusive security which is done through community engagement.
I also make sure our staff display their ID cards while on duty, this eases their relationship with customers. Where ever a staff is sighted with ID card, people respects him more and also respects his organization.
 I also tried my best to make sure some of the motorcycles in the Regional Office are registered and distributed to our staff to ease their movement and ease cash drive activities. Motor vehicles are also maintained as at when due to prevent breakdown while on duty. Community engagement is also one of the things we do to create awareness among people on the importance of paying electricity bills, security of our installations, respect for staff, exposing impostors and also protecting our customers  from mischief makers.

CCD: How can we change the fortune of the company?
HA: Revenue generation is the key to the progress of this company, this is realized from our customers, and these customers are divided basically into 3, those that pay voluntarily, those that need to be forced to pay and those that do not like paying. Customers also have income circle; some depend on salary, some are business people and some are jobless. I think the company needs to categorize these customers and find the best way of dealing with each customer.  

CCD: What are your sources of strength?
HA: I would say my strength lies on my integrity and working with passion to move this company to the next level.

CCD: Any appeal or suggestion to staff or Management
HA: My appeal to the Management is that they should continue what they are doing in terms of provision of the things that would ease the work of the staff, like MVs MCs, office equipment, renovation and the rest. I know the Company is doing its best to assist the staff with all necessary tools and I really appreciate these efforts, but I would like to urge the Management to continue doing so, I don’t want the Management to relent. I know the performance is epileptic, I believe if the Company continues believing in us, we can do better.
On the other hand, my appeal to the staff is to have passion for the job. I know and believe virtually all the staff in this Company love not just their jobs but the Company as well. Only a few lack commitment and or are overwhelmed by the tight schedule of the work. The best way to go higher is it to be better than what you were yesterday. Set a target and try to surpass that target every day.
CCD: What are your hubbies?
HA: My hubby in Kaduna electric is dealing with both staff and customers in a way that will assist in improving the company’s performance and also sharpening my personal skills.