Friday 8 December 2023



We are Poise to Improving the Collection Efficiency…. Khadijat

Abubakar Gwarzo



Commercial Manager, Tudun Wada AO.


CCD: Briefly tell us about yourself?

KAG: I’m Khadijat Abubakar Gwarzo, I am currently the Commercial Manager of Tudun Wada Area Office. I’m a graduate of Business Administration from Kaduna Polytechnic and also holds Post Graduate Diploma  in Management from NDA.

I joined Kaduna Electric in September 2015 as Sales Representative. I was also at various times the Service Centre Manager at Poly road, Leventis, Yantukwane and Legislative Quarters. I was promoted to my current position in December 2022.

CCD:  What are your responsibilities as a Commercial Manager?

KAG: My responsibilities as a Commercial Manager entails the following;
A. Ensure smooth and accurate running of my area office billing activities.
B. Over seeing the new service activities that will lead to revenue improvements and customer satisfaction.
C. Work hand in hand with the area manager by giving maximum support towards achieving the area office set targets.
D. Timely pickup of bills and ensuring all are distributed to customers and captured on App accordingly.
E. Accurate and timely submission of reports.
F. Support area manager on the implementation of use of all company Apps.

CCD: What are your challenges so far?

KAG: The critical challenges I have encountered so far includes the following;
a. Payment apathy in some parts of Tudun Wada and Yantukwane service centres.
b. Energy theft.
c.  Staff assault.

CCD: How do you intend to tackle all these challenges?

KAG: I have been trying my best in tackling these challenges by
A. Frequent customer sensitization and awareness on energy conservation, the value  of what they are getting, and need to pay up complete current  charges with part of outstanding.
B. Importance of good relationship and understanding between a buyer  and a seller.
C. Encouraging the customers to pay off their outstanding  through 25%Promo and  implication of not paying up especially for those customers that have died.

How do you specifically intend to improve the revenue collection of the Area Office?

KAG: With frequent customer sensitization and awareness on low payments , 25% promo on outstanding debt and  decrease  on energy theft,  I believe the revenue will improve.

CCD: Where do you see Tudun Wada Area Office in term of performance and collection efficiency in a few months?

KAG: By the time we have fully implemented our various strategies as enumerated above, there will be significant improvement  in collection efficiency monthly, and that will take us to where Kaduna electric want us to be.

CCD: What are your suggestion to the management and staff?

KAG: My appeal to management/staff of Kaduna Electric is continued support and most importantly being open to ideas that can see the turnaround of the company in revenue collection.

Team work, sense of ownership,  responsibility and integrity if put in place by the staff,  can surely   improve Kaduna electric review beyond our imagination.






Thursday 30 November 2023


 Energy Thief Apprehended in Kaduna Electric Night Raid

In a significant move against energy theft, Kaduna Electric executed a night raid on November 24, 2023, leading to the apprehension of Mr. Opafola Abiodun of No. 18 Mopa Road, Kaduna.
Abiodun, who had been tapping electricity from the 11KV Leventis Feeder, was caught in the act of an external by-pass on meter number 04190482713.

According to the HoU Non-MD Metering, Engr. U. A. Gumel, Mr. Opafola was disconnected from the power supply on September 28, 2023, and charge with a total sum of ₦104,823.18

Engr. Gumel also pointed out that instead of settling the outstanding amount, Abiodun resorted to illegal reconnection, primarily during the evening and night hours. Surveillance personnel on a routine monitoring operation caught him red-handed on November 24, 2023. Prompt action was taken, and the matter was reported to the police, resulting in the arrest of the energy theft offender.

“The case is currently under the jurisdiction of Kaduna Electric’s security unit, preparing for prosecution. In response to the repeated offenses, a second charge of ₦92,774.39 has been booked against Mr. Abiodun in accordance with the ORDER ON UNAUTHORISED ACCESS, METER TAMPERING, AND BY-PASS ORDER NO: NERC/REG/41/2017” he said.

This incident underscores Kaduna Electric’s unwavering commitment to contending illegal activities within its service area and ensuring a fair and lawful distribution of electricity to all customers.

Interactive Exercise Is Key to Operational Strategy -Sokoto Regional Chief

In a recent monthly performance review session held in Gusau, Mr. Sunday Yahaya, the Sokoto Regional Chief, highlighted the transformative power of interactive exercises in shaping operational strategies for business success.

Emphasizing the strategic significance of such exercises, Mr. Yahaya underscored their role in motivating customers and achieving tangible business objectives.

He articulated the view that these exercises serve as a cornerstone for sustainable organizational functionality and emphasized their impact on influencing customer behavior.

During the session, Mr. Yahaya directed service center managers to align their efforts with broader organizational goals, stressing the importance of teamwork and seizing emerging opportunities. Strategic objectives, according to him, not only guide employees in their roles but also contribute to the realization of larger company goals and the utilization of emerging opportunities.

The Regional chief also pointed out how strategic objectives allow employees to work as a team and practice their roles within the organization, ultimately leading to the achievement of larger company goals and the utilization of emerging opportunities.

“In order to help the company reach its defined objectives, Service Center Managers should align themselves with these goals and strive to improve employee performance.
It's important to understand that successful individuals are determined in setting and accomplishing goals. They divide big achievements into smaller, more manageable tasks. To be an effective leader, avoid making excuses for failure or limitations. Instead, recognize your strengths and weaknesses” he stated

He urged individuals to relinquish self-centric behaviors, drawing attention to the fact that even the most accomplished people have made notable sacrifices in their journeys.

Mr. Yahaya emphasized the importance of maintaining good communication and engaging valued customers to ensure they understand their role in achieving the company's larger goals.

Mr. Yahaya call for maintaining clear communication and active engagement with valued customers as well as stressed the significance of qualities such as moral integrity, dedication, and discipline in fostering positive relationships between employees and customers.

The Regional Chief, Mr. Sunday Yahaya placed a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction as a paramount business objective. He argued that by achieving this objective, organizations can elevate their service beyond mere hard work, ensuring a more meaningful and enduring connection with their customer base. Mr. Sunday Yahaya's insights serve as a rallying call for businesses in the Sokoto region to embrace interactive exercises as a cornerstone for strategic success.

Kaduna Electric Advocates Diligence and Teamwork for Organizational Success

The staff of Kaduna Electric have been urged to exhibit dedication and attentiveness in the execution of their duties, emphasizing the pivotal role such qualities play in achieving the organization's goals.

The HoU Financial and Revenue Audit, Dr. Yusuf Adebayo, made this statement in a meeting with the Company's Managers recently in Gusau.

Dr. Adebayo emphasized that teamwork is key to the success of every organization and noted that any business organization that fails in the aspect of teamwork is bound to fail and would not achieve its business goals. He cautioned that a lack of cohesion among team members could impede progress and hinder the attainment of business objectives.

Addressing the managers, Dr. Adebayo highlighted the virtues of courage, integrity, and the ability to confront challenges head on when making decisions within the company. Stressing the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with customers, he remarked, "In dealing with the public, one must possess discipline, intelligence, and strong morals, as well as utilize customer relations skills to address problems and find satisfactory solutions."

The seasoned Auditor also emphasized the need for taking ownership and responsibility, stating that individual commitment plays a crucial role in propelling the organization to greater heights. Dr. Adebayo acknowledged the significance of motivating sales representatives, recognizing their role as instrumental to the development and success of the company.

As Kaduna Electric encourages its workforce to embody these principles, the organization aims to foster an environment conducive to achieving its targeted objectives and sustaining a positive impact on its stakeholders.

Kaduna Electric Takes Proactive Measures Against Vandalism

Recently, a suspected vandal was caught by the Mallam Tanko village vigilante group in Jere along Kaduna - Abuja expressway. The suspect has been handed over to the police for prosecution.

 Jere Feeder has been vandalized to an extent that 176 spans of the aluminium conductor wire were carted away including One DT, One Pillar unit, 22HT Poles, 34 Cross arms and 142 Iron channel. These were neither in our records nor reflected in the incidence reports of the RSO.

According to the Chief Security Officer Kaduna Electric Col UD Abubakar It was discovered that the vandalized portion on the kaduna-Abuja highway started from Katari and the lines were intermittently vandalized up to Tafa and the following is the estimated spans recorded are Katari-Jere Axis -17 Spans, Kohou Axis -25 Spans, Jere-Kagarko Axis -90 Spans, Issah Junction Axis 26 Spans, Gidan Abey to Gidan Bello 15 Spans and Gwaba Area -27 Spans.

“Along our Journey from Kaduna, we engaged almost all the security teams on patrols and those on special banditry/kidnapping operations including the NDLEA team. We specifically exchanged GSM numbers with the teams and urged them to assist by reporting and arresting any vehicle that carry electricity equipment especially aluminum and other armored cables”.

However, we engaged the Vigilante Team in Jere and discussed at length on areas of collaboration to ensure the vandals are identified and arrested. We learnt that the vandals formed a so

We commend the vigilante group for this effort and urge all communities to join in the fight against criminals bent on sabotaging efforts to provide stable power supply.

Friday 24 November 2023

Kaduna Electric Frontline November Edition

 How We Are Pursuing States and MDA Debts - Musa Manu

CCD: What is the Total indebtedness of military, Federal Agencies and the four states Government

MU: The Military, Federal Agencies and the four states Government are owing the Company 42,877,101,819.30 naira as at September 2023 of outstanding electricity bills, this is not only making it difficult for the Company to meet its market obligations, but is also denying the Company of needed funds for sufficient investment in network maintenance and expansion.


CCD: What is the MD Unit doing to ensure appreciable recovery of these outstandings?

MU: We are establishing a corridor whereby all our customers would be made to have confidence and acceptance on integrity of our bills production by ensuring 100% customer metering and full pledge customers engagement.

We have reconciled and fully enumerate 3 state government accounts, namely Kebbi, Zamfara and Kaduna state, this harmonious approach has already led to settlements from Kebbi and Kaduna State, with Zamfara on track to clear its outstanding debt within six months. Sokoto is currently undergoing the same process, with expectations of resolution by the end of October 2023. This approach has transformed the narrative of sporadic payments and significantly enhanced operational efficiency.

In collaboration with the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), the Ministry of Finance and Budget Planning MD Unit is actively working on ensuring that payment of electricity from institutions such as the Army, Police, Navy, and Air Force is deducted directly at the source. This approach holds the promise of effectively addressing uncollectable payments.


CCD: Going forward, what strategy are you putting in place to ensure that MDAs settle their bills as at when due?

MU: We have established a strong relationship with our MDA customers. We conduct an account validation and reconciliation process after each validation/reconciliation, during which we secure their commitment to settling outstanding balances, resulting in successful collections. Additionally, we are currently enhancing our metering infrastructure by transitioning from old meters to remote meters for all MDA customers within our franchise to assure them that our billing is accurate.

Furthermore, we initiate the process of sending debt recovery letters to MDA customers who do not require reconciliation. These letters invite them to a meeting where we will discuss how they can structure the repayment of their outstanding debts, separate from their current charges. This approach has proven to be effective in yielding positive results for debt recovery and collections as a whole

The MD Units proactive and comprehensive approach is expected to have a far-reaching impact, not only on reducing outstanding debts but also on creating a more efficient and reliable system for government agencies to settle their bills. These measures aim to bring about financial stability and predictability in electricity payments from government entities.



Friday 10 November 2023


 Working as a Team is the First Step to Problem Solving….Fauziyya Salisu Mohammed


CCD: Can you briefly share with us your background- schools attended and academic qualifications obtained as well as your previous working experience?

Fauziyya S Mohammed, CRS Kawo AO

FSM: My name is Fauziyya Salisu Mohammed, an indigene of Kaduna State, Zaria Local Government. I am a graduate of Mass Communication and also hold a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice both from Kaduna State Univers
ity. I am currently the Customer Care Representative of Kawo Area Office.

CCD:  What aer your primary responsibility?

FSM: As a CSR and also the  face of the Company, my major responsibilities are:;

To received and provide a lasting solution to customers complaints as well as to educate and enlighten them on the Company policies and operations.

CCD: Do you have any strategy you use in  dealing with difficult customer?

FSM:  Yes the strategies are;

I first calm them down by assuring him/her that a lasting solution will be provided for their complaints.

Then give them a listening ear, along side understanding the issue and nature of the complaint. Plan an  appropriate way to win back his/her confidence on the Company by trying to immediately resolve part of his/her complaint that is within my own power, then forward the rest to the appropriate quarters.

I follow up all forward complaints so as to provide feedback to the customer.

CCD: What are your major challenges?

FSM:  Lack of conducive working environment and facilities, lack operational tools such as clamp meters to conduct load assessments. Lack of encouragement from our superiors.

CCD: Do you prefer to work individually or as a team?

FSM:  Of course there is no effective substitute to team work. I find team work to be fun, because you get to share ideas and strategies on how to go about different types of customers complaints. As such, the outcome is always an excellent results. To me, working as a team is the main target of problem solving.

CCD: How do you sensitize your customers?

FSM: By organizing community engagement and individual enlightenment.

CCD: What are the major complaints you receive?

FSM: The majority of complaints being received are on over billing which is about 96% of my monthly complaints.

CCD: Any appeal to management?

FSM: Yes, our offices need to look good and presentable not like abandoned places. As such, the management  should provide a conducive working environment and equipment’s for work to move smoothly.




Saturday 4 November 2023



Culture Change Initiative to Transform Kaduna Electric


In a groundbreaking move to address underlying challenges and transform the organizationalculture of Kaduna Electric, a high-profile meeting of the Culture Change committee was held today 1st November 2023 at Kaduna Electric Headquarters to officially kick-start the Culture

Change Initiative.

The committee comprises the Regional Chiefs, head, HR, Head, Enterprise Risk, HeadCorporate Communication, Head, Customer Service, Head, Treasury, & Head, Transformation Office, The Managing Director, Engr. Yusuf Usman Yahaya in a heartfelt address while inaugurating the committee last week, congratulated the committee members on their appointment and stressed the honor of being chosen for such a transformative endeavor and emphasized the importance of the Culture Change Initiative as well as implored the committee to look into the


• Addressing operational disparities between Kaduna and other states to ensure equal

opportunities company-wide.

• Implementing a rotation system for senior management to periodically work in outer


• Nominating representatives from outer stations to join the committee.

• Developing a baseline for Kaduna Electric's work culture.

• Enhancing the onboarding and post-boarding processes for new recruits.

• Diagnosing root causes for poor work culture and creating initiatives for improvement.

Page 2

• Identifying disengaged staff and revitalizing their motivation.

• Establishing monitoring indices.

The Managing Director however, directed the committee to come up with a proposal on workplan and requirements, he also affirmed the management's unwavering support in achieving the initiative's goals, receiving applause from committee members. In her remarks the committee chairperson, Head of Human Resources, Adeola Akanni,

emphasized the need for unwavering commitment from all committee members to ensure the success of the initiative. “The Culture Change Initiative marks a vital role in Kaduna Electric's journey towards a more harmonized, motivated, and inclusive work culture, setting the stage for a brighter future, all hands should be deck to ensure the success of the program,” she said.

Chief Strategy & Business Excellence Officer, Bashir Muazu, in a closing remark, highlighted the significance of change management initiatives and the challenges they pose within an organization. However, he expressed optimism, underlining that with Management's support and the unwavering dedication of the committee members, meaningful change is not only possible but achievable.


Kaduna Electric and TCN Collaborate to Enhance Power Supply Stability

In a bid to foster collaboration and strengthen relations, Kaduna Electric and the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) in the Kaduna Region held a crucial meeting at the Kaduna Electric Headquarters today October 22023.

The meeting centered on addressing challenges, seeking resolutions, and identifying areas for improvement in service delivery.

Engr. Ganiyu O Aliyu, the General Manager of TCN, opened the discussions by highlighting the issues related to frequent power outages and the numerous tripping incidents on the 33KV lines, which have led to the replacement of current transformers, incurring substantial costs for TCN.

Engr. Aliyu emphasized the need to examine and eliminate the faults responsible for triggering these tripping incidents, underlining the importance of sustained efforts in this direction.

Engr. Mohammed Manga, Head of Unit Power System, provided a detailed overview of feeders experiencing multiple tripping incidents. He emphasized the commitment to reducing tripping rates on the 33KV lines to the lowest possible level. In pursuit of this goal, measures will be implemented, including the acquisition of frequency monitoring devices.

The meeting concluded with Engr. Manga expressing gratitude to all participants for their unwavering dedication to collaborative efforts aimed at providing stable and reliable power supply to electricity consumers in the region.

This meeting signifies a significant step towards enhancing the quality of power supply in Kaduna and exemplifies the commitment of both Kaduna Electric and TCN to work together to overcome challenges and provide improved services to their customers.


EFCC pledges partnership with Kaduna Electric

The Zonal Head of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC) Sokoto State Command, Assistant Commander ACE1 Aliyu Yunusa has pledge to support the operations of Kaduna Electric.

ACE1 Yunusa made the pledge in his office in Sokoto when he played host to Kaduna Electric Chief Regional Officer for Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara, Mr Sunday O. Yahaya, who paid him a courtesy visit.

The Chief Regional Officer stated that the essence
of the visit is in continuation of the company's stakeholders engagement and also to familiarize and partner with the leadership of EFCC Sokoto Zonal command.

Mr Sunday reiterated the role of Distribution Companies (Discos), as being responsible for distribution of electricity generated and transmitted to discos which Kaduna is among the 11 distribution in Nigeria.

He further explain the value chain and listed some challenges faced by the company and the Nigeria electricity supply industry which he said, is paramount for customers to have knowledge of electricity business.

“The revenue target based on the energy consumed amount to N2.5billion but, what the company is generating is insignificant which make it difficult for the company to meets its market obligation, as a result of energy theft, vandalization of the company's installations, non-payment of electricity bills by some customers” he said.

The Regional Chief who added that Sokoto Zone comprises Kebbi and Zamfara, highlighted how power is crucial to security and economy solicits for the commission support.

Welcoming the Chief Regional Officer and his team, The Zonal Commander, Economic Financial Crime Commission Sokoto state, ACE1 Aliyu Yunusa said, the visit has enlightened the commission more about Kaduna Electric operations.

"I must commend Kaduna Electric for improvement of power supply in our office we notice significant improvement in our office. We need power supply for smooth operations, power is integral and we are partner in progress. I assure prompt payment of electricity bill of the EFCC office.

"I promise to give Kaduna Electric all the necessary support as, my door is open to report any cases that has to do with energy theft, vandalization, defaulters among others. For the company to achieve it desire goal and serve better we will ensure the perpetrators are prosecuted for the offence committed " he said.

This partnership between the EFCC and Kaduna Electric signifies a significant step forward in addressing the challenges facing the electricity distribution sector in Nigeria. It reflects a shared commitment to improving the reliability of power supply, addressing issues like energy theft, and ultimately contributing to the economic development and security of the region.


Traditional Institutions are Major Stakeholders in Our Business --- AREA MANAGER


The Area Manager of Zamfara North, Lawal Adamu acknowledged that building synergy with royal fathers is critical in providing reliable and efficient service delivery.

The Area Manager made this submission when the management of the Zamfara North Area Office paid a courtesy visit to the Dan Ruwatan Gusau ,  District Head of Gada Biyu GRA in his palace in Gusau recently.

The Area Manager further stressed that the gesture will enhance and further explore opportunities that would cement cordial relationship with members of the community, this he said in turn will translate into reliable and sustainable power delivery in the Area.

"Our effort to sensitize our esteemed customers on how to handle handle power, theft and vandalism and commercial loses will fully be enhanced when the royal fathers are involved. It is our responsibility to engage and enlighten our customers on the business objectives of the organization " He said.

The Area Manager appealed with the Emirate Council to come up with a holistic approach that will sensitize and educate the public on the activities of Kaduna Electric.

"The organization will continue working effectively with the royal fathers to help persuade and sensitize their people on prompt payment of electricity bills which if done will help both parties to achieve a common goal and better results.

While responding, the Dan Ruwatan Gusau, District Head of Gada Biyu, Mal. Jamilu Umar Danbaba appreciated members of Kaduna Electric for visiting him and described the gesture as a move towards enhancing relationships which will further translate into success.

The Monarch expressed his readiness to contribute whatever it takes to see to the success of Kaduna Electric in Zamfara State.