Friday, 16 November 2018


Participant from Abuja Electricity Distribution company, during the just concluded ICT Interactive Session

Host participants from Kaduna Electric , during the just concluded ICT Interactive Session

L-R:  Chief Commercial Services Officer, Mal. Murtala Bello; Company Secretary, Barrister  Abbas Ahmed and Head, ICT, Yasir Abdussalam

Police Commissioner Commends Kaduna Electric
By Umar Mohammed Tambuwal

The Commissioner of Police, Sokoto State Command, Mr. Murtala Usman Mani, has commended Kaduna Electric for its efforts in providing steady power supply to all Police formations under his command.
He gave this commendation when the Business Development and Regional Officer, Sokoto Regional Office, Mr. Masood Salisu Abdulkadir paid him a courtesy visit.
Mr. Mani noted that the Police as `security provider needs steady supply of power, adding that it appreciates the priority being given to the command.
He explained that all outstanding bills of the Command are being processed and would be paid within the shortest possible time.
The Police, according to him, need constant supply, which is why he said Officers under his command would be encouraged to pay their bills promptly. This, he said, will further strengthen the relationship between the two organizations.
He also promised to set up a special task force to fight vandals.
Earlier, the Business Development and Regional Officer, had said that the major challenges facing the company is vandalism of company equipment and installations.
He noted that the incessant cases of vandalism are affecting quality supply; he therefore, solicits cooperation of the community leaders, Nigerian police, other security agencies and stakeholders to curtail the menace. 
The BDRO lamented the poor response to payment of bills, and urged the Commissioner to use his good offices to ensure that all Divisions under his command pay their bills as and when due.

Grand Reward & Recognition Ceremony To Hold Annually 
By Halima Shuaibu

Khadija Kabir, Head, Human Resources

In our assessment, the Reward and Recognition ceremony has improved staff morale, engendered healthy competition and brought improved productivity, the Head, Human Resources, Khadija Kabir has said.

She made this revelation in an exclusive interview with our correspondent recently. She noted that the initiative sprang from the implementation of the Strive Project, which according to her is aimed at driving productivity. 
“The Strive Workshop was about improving staff productivity through Performance Management System, Reward and Recognition and new career part.
“From the review of the last R&R, we realized that there was a need to plan a grand ceremony that will have every employee involved one way or the other”.   
The event, according her, would include activities like CSR, Award Night, Customers Engagement Forum and Lunch with the Board of Directors.
Kabir however hinted that a lot would depend on the company’s revenue generation for an event of that magnitude to be organized.
She therefore advised all staff to redouble their efforts to enable them hit the 2 billion Naira mark. 
“The event will be a morale booster for all and an excitable way to wind down the year. I therefore, call on every staff to work even harder to achieve the 2-billion-naira mark,”.

Corporate Communications Staff Undergo Training
By Halima Shuaibu

In pursuit of continuous improvement in output, staff of the Corporate Communications Department recently attended a 6-day training programme at the Kaduna Media Academy (KAMA).
The training, according the Department’s Head, Abdulazaeez Abdullahi, was to improve the quality of its television production. The department, he said is leveraging on all channels to reach its customers and it is important to dish out quality productions.
“We use all channels of communications to reach our audience, in this case, our customers. There are messages that are better when dramatized or visualized. Kaduna Electric Watch was conceived to reach our customers so as to address a myriad of issues in an informative and educative manner.

 “We also share the video on YouTube channel to reach our online viewers. So far, the feedback has been positive and we are encouraged to do more.”

One of the participants, Jamila Bala said she is delighted to be in the training as the curriculum covers a wide area in television production and also serves as a refresher course.
According to her, Broadcast language, Presentation Skills and Writing for Broadcasting was “in-depth”. “The training programme is an opener as I now view Television programmes differently. I am very excited about what I have learnt and eager to put it to use.”  


Our Intelligence Gathering Team Will Reduce Fraud- Head, Admin & Security 

Nuhu Sani, Head, Admin & Security

There seems to be renewed security measures within the premises. What is responsible for this?

Like you know, protection is key; without protection, nobody will be able to sit on his seat. As a Security department, we are saddled with the responsibility of protection of lives within the Head Office and other installations.
We ensure that we improve on our processes, especially in the area of traffic for staff, visitors, contractors and customers. What we did was to develop tags for our consultants and all stakeholders apart from the staff who should have their ID cards displayed.
For the staff, we ensured that their ID cards are displayed at all times. We expect staff to identify themselves by displaying their ID cards when on duty to differentiate themselves from non-staff.
Equally, if it is a customer, it is expected that he wears the appropriate tag so that he can be treated as such.  For visitors, we have provided chairs for them at the reception especially visitors of Mid-level staff and down-lines.  This is for them to receive their visitors briefly because our primary objective of being in this building is to work for Kaduna Electric and not to be entertaining visitors etc. 
I will like to use this medium to draw the attention of staff to use the reception to attend to their visitors. 
For Management staff, they are responsible enough to attend to their visitors quickly in their offices. 

There is a new Staff Canteen, the ambience is beautiful, but there are concerns about the quality of food being served. How do you measure service delivery at the canteen?
We give a huge applause to the Managing Director for giving the approval to get the staff canteen running.  We are happy to see a situation where we have a decent staff canteen, state-of-the-art and improving on a daily basis on the service and the facility (Safeway Kitchen).
The staff canteen has a Caterer approved by the company, responsible for providing food for staff, stakeholders and for other indoor and outdoor events in the company. 
Prior to choosing a vendor, we did food sampling, which many of our staff participated and from there, they began operation following their engagement. We got some feedback from staff regarding the quality of the food, the presentation, service, facility and aesthetics and also the taste.
And on a continuous basis, we give feedback to the Caterer and Facility Manager who is in charge of putting together the facility. If you remember, some parts were not fully painted but that has been done now in addition to branding by our partners.

In order to make things in line with best standards, we have set up a staff Canteen Committee, we are waiting for an additional approval before we publicize it. 
The committee is chaired by Hafsat Sambo, Head, Collection Channels while I will be the Co-chair when she is not available. The essence of staff Canteen Committee is to ensure compliance to best practice in staff canteen and also guidance. The role of the Committee is also to be a mediator between the staff and the caterer.

There seems to be limited parking space in the premises, is it because the number of staff has risen? What are you doing to manage the issue of inadequate parking space?

The first thing we identified is to see how we can make those parking on the slanted parking lot to park straight so as to create more parking space.
If you recall, that space in the middle, both sides were in a slanting form but now people are advised to park straight in order to create more room for more vehicles to park and we have also stationed BDM Security to ensure that they guide staff appropriately. If you notice too, the issue of blocking cars or parking behind cars has drastically reduced. The next phase is to look at old Doka Area, for the stores to manage their material on the ground so that the area can be cleared, canopies can be put and then cars can park there.
The exterior car park has been improved since the rainy season; I want to believe that our customers are happy about it. Also, with the introduction of e-payments systems, customers can now pay online hence reducing the pressure on our parking space.

It must be more than two years since you spoke with the Frontline, what changes have taken place in this department?

We have a lot of changes that have taken place in this department. As you may remember we have had transformation of the company.  A number of staff joined the team, we have created a number of job descriptions and responsibilities, and we have three sub units. We have logistics, which is under administration, security and facility management. But sadly, we lost two people; one left the company while the other person died.  We now have replacements.
But we intend to decentralize our security architecture so that we can have installation protection and internal security separated. Internal security will look at standard procedure of office traffic while installation protection will deal with issues related to vandalism, security operatives, DSS, Civil defense etc. 
Within the team too, we will have those who will be in charge of intelligence gathering on how we can bring down the rate of fraud in the company.
Recently, we handled a number of cases regarding fraud but we believe in continuous improvement on reducing cases of fraud. 

As someone who is Managing Security, Welfare and Protocol, what would you want to use this medium to tell staff and management?

We seek for a continued cooperation from management. As you are aware, there are a number of things we want to implement but without management’s buy in we cannot make head way. An example, if a management staff insists that without an ID card he won’t attend to his staff, surely ID card compliance would be achieved.
If a staff is not properly dressed, you ask him to go back home and dress properly.

Thursday, 15 November 2018


Our Apps Are Designed to Reduce Collection Losses- Group Head, IT Applications unit.

CCD: Please can we have your brief profile?
UY: My name is Umar Yakubu Mohammed. I am a graduate of the University of Wales, United Kingdom. I studied Business Computing and Information Technology; my areas of interests are programming, web development and artificial Intelligence.

CCD: Tell us how it all began for you at Kaduna Electric?
UY: I saw a job advert on Facebook and I applied. I was called for an aptitude test then later for an interview. I came with a goal to contribute to a better Kaduna Electric and improve my career.
I started working with committed and dedicated team in Billing Unit for four months before I was transferred to ICT. 
We brought a lot of innovation and implemented solutions that have added value to the company.  My journey at Kaduna Electric comes with varied experiences and memories.
I am glad to say that we have people full of ideas that if harnessed properly will take the company to greater heights.

CCD:  What specifically is your responsibility in ICT? 
UY:  I am the Head of Group IT Applications unit, responsible for coordinating in-house systems development and management, troubleshooting and support.
I am also responsible for coordinating 3rd-party applications management.

CCD:  Can you share with us some of the support the ICT Department is rendering to other Department/Units?
UY: We render support in automating department operations and processes so that their work would be easier and more efficient.

CCD: Tell us your unit’s achievements and those of ICT in general.
UY: We have supported many departments in automation and have achieved success such as Customer Enumeration app, KEGIS, Meter Reading App, CRM, STOMS, Enforcement App, Meter Management App, Meter Verification App etc. 

CCD: What would you consider as the challenging part before you offer solutions? 
UY: Overlapping responsibilities, meeting deadlines, user support, user rejection, sabotage and staff negligence.

CCD: You are one of the people who got awards in the Reward and Recognition segment of the last Customer Service Week.  What is the secret?
UY: Teamwork, dedication and patience.

CCD: How supportive is your Unit in tackling ATC&C losses?
UY: We have created solutions for reading of Maximum Demand (MD) customers’ meters. We created the Payment Tracking App to track PPM and non-PPM customer payments; we also created the Enforcement App to monitor and track customer bypass and other suspicious activities.

CCD: Closely related to this are customers’ apathy towards payment of electricity bills, energy theft and meter bypass. What is your department/unit doing in support to address these issues?
UY: As earlier stated we created apps to track customer payments. There is another app for monitoring customers and logging issues and penalties. The CRM is another solution that allows customers lodge their complaints. We are also building another mobile application for customers to easily make payments, view their payment history, make complaints and so on. All these Apps are geared towards addressing the issues related to revenue losses.

CCD: Any appeal/suggestions or advice to the Management or staff?
UY: We should be more professional in our responsibilities.

CCD: By way of closing, what are your hobbies?  
UY: Meeting people, Programming, Research and Games.