Thursday, 30 November 2017


ATC&C Loss Reduction, PPM Revenue Increment, All Due To Passion and Team Work
 -Team Lead, Billing Operations/ Database

CCD: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
MK: My name is Monsur Oladipupo Kazeem, an indigene of Ogun State, South West Nigeria. I studied computer science at Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu and later obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Software Design from the Kaduna State University.
Prior to joining Kaduna Electric, I worked with the following companies: Tempo Food and Packaging, Siemens Limited Nigeria, Oh Star Satellite (a franchise of Multichoice Nigeria) and Memmcol. While at Memmcol, I participated in the design, development and deployment of the first indigenous Billing System in Nigeria (EMS), which is currently being used in Eko, Ibadan, Enugu and Kano Discos.
I joined Kaduna Electric on 1st of September 2015. I am Team Lead Billing Operations/Database in the ICT department.

CCD: Can you share with us some of the support the ICT Department is rendering to other Department/Units?
MK: ICT Department as you know is a support Department; we provide solutions to issues and automate manual processes through the use of technology. 
For instance, we supported the enumeration project, project 415, re-alignment of customers along Distribution Transformers (DT) and feeders, network connectivity to the HQ from different cash offices for PPM vending, provision of access to internet at the HQ, implementation of wireless access points, implementation of security policies on KE's network and servers, installation maintenance and repairs of IT equipment etc. 

CCD: We learned from good authority that you spearheaded the successful execution of the online vending system, automatic meter reading implementation and other value-added ICT projects.  Please can you explain to us what you actually did and the benefit to the company?
MK: When we came onboard, we made some observations which led to the execution of projects like upgrading of server hardware resources and operating system, Centralization of PPM Network, Centralization of PPM Databases (Birnin Kebbi, Sokoto, Gusau and Zaria), Merging of Pole Mounted Meters platform (PMU installed in Kaduna South) with the main PPM database, implementation of Domain Controller and active directory etc. All of these we achieved as a team under the supervision of the Head ICT, Mr. Yasir Abdussalam.
Some of the projects listed above led to the actualization of online vending, the benefit of which include:
1.     Creation of multiple and convenient vending options for our customers.
2.     Reduction of queue at various cash offices across our franchise states.
3.     Increase in PPM revenue.
4.     Reduction in PPM by-pass as a result of easy access to vending platforms etc. 
As for the Automated Meter Reading system, we have been on the project since mid-last year with the Metering Department and our partners in Egypt. With the new CTO- Mr. Rajendra Sethiya- onboard, the team has been further motivated to bring the project to fruition. 
With this achievement, we can accurately measure what energy is delivered to every feeder and the amount of energy consumed on each of them. Also, we can:
1.     Communicate with meters via GPRS network.
2.     Remotely download data from the meters (installed on feeders and MD customer premises) for analysis.
3.     Receive tampering alert from meters from their various locations.
4.     Remotely set parameters on the meters.
5.     Remotely disconnect a meter (provided that the facility is incorporated into such meters).
In respect to how much all these have helped the business, I will say it has improved monitoring of meter status and consumptions as well as help to reduce Aggregate Technical, Commercial and Collection (ATC&C) losses.

CCD: What is the total cost of the entire project to the company?
MK: As regards the implementation of online vending and the AMR meters, there were no costs at all. We only put existing resources to use.

CCD: If all these were done at zero cost to the company, what motivates you to do it?
MK: My passion for what I do and ability to look inward to identify existing resources that can be put to use, coupled with the way we operate in the Department as a family. Whenever there is an issue in any of the units, we see it as Departmental problem and work together until it is resolved.
CCD: What is the advantage of having the recently installed network printer in the Head Office building?
MK: The job of ICT Department is to identify problems and proffer solutions to them where and when necessary. You will agree with me that not every office in this complex has access to printer. Providing printers for each office will gulp up a lot of money, hence the directive from the CTO that we install the billing printers that are currently not being used as shared printing resources on each floor (we have started with the 5th floor).  Here are some of what we have been able to achieve:
1.     Everyone will have access to a printer. 
2.     The money that would have been used to procure countless number of printers will be channeled towards other projects.
3.     Resources that would have been rendered useless are being put to effective use.
4.     Easy and a cost-effective maintenance of the printers since there are few of them.

CCD:  Thank you for sparing time to talk to us?

MK: It is always a pleasure.

Friday, 24 November 2017


Staff Train on Fire Extinguisher Use  

By Halima Shuaibu

In a continuous effort to make staff and the environment they work in safe, the Health, Safety and Environment Unit has organized a practical demonstration of the use of portable firefighting equipment/extinguisher for all staff.
Speaking on the relevance of the exercise, the Head, Health, Safety and Environment, Mr. J. C Adamu disclosed that the harmattan season records the highest incidents of fire outbreaks and enjoined every member of staff to be prepared for any eventuality.
He noted that the Safety unit or floor safety marshals might not always be available to manage an emerging situation; therefore it becomes necessary for all staff to know how to use the portable fire extinguisher.
The Area Offices according him are equally undergoing the same training based on the work plan available to them. He emphasized that safety is everyone’s business and therefore the exercise must be taken seriously.
Each group, made of members from every department, was asked to use the emergency exit leading to the demonstration point as a way of familiarizing them with the emergency exit.  Every staff member of the Head Office had a hands-on experience on the use of the fire extinguisher. 
The staff, he disclosed have already undergone evacuation drill which he said is the first stage in managing emergency situations.
Adamu however decried the unwillingness of some staff to participate in exercise, “a lot of them didn’t respect the time set for the training. We believe that anything concerning Safety should not be treated with levity”.
He warned that such attitude would be followed by punitive measure in subsequent training.
Engr. Gimba Saleh who was also on hand to address the staff stressed the importance of the training. According to him, there is usually a prevalence of fire outbreaks during the dry season, which he said staff must be sensitized on to prevent the occurrence.    
Engr. Saleh stated that staff were trained to identify the classes of fire to enable them to know the suitable fire extinguisher to use for different types of fire. 
On the availability of the fire extinguishers, he said: “On each floor there are six to seven fire extinguishers to enable every floor member to manage a fire outbreak, hence the need for everyone to be equipped with the knowledge on how to use the extinguishers”.

 MD Laments Low Revenue Collection in Gusau 
By Mohd Abbah Gusau

The Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Haruna Garba has decried the low revenue generation from Gusau Area Office. The MD was speaking in Gusau during his monthly assessment meeting.
He said the collection companywide is not more than 20 percent with Gasau Area Office as one of the lowest, a situation he described as a “very tragic for a business organization”.
"We cannot continue this way, when energy is wheeled to us, we are expected to collect revenue that equals to it but unfortunately we end up collecting 18 to 20 percent of the energy supplied to our customers. My question is:  are the monies being stolen or we are allowing our customers to use energy without paying for them?”
The MD said all staff must work hard and work as a team in order to achieve more, stressing that every staff will be assessed on competence while non-performing staff will be relieved of their duties.
On the new billing software, Engr. Garba said that it is to ensure smooth billing as well as harmonizing feeder consumption through the input of every Service Center Supervisor.  
He called on the Sales Reps to account for the consumption and tariff classification of every customer and the monitoring of PPM customers to reduce or eradicate energy theft and meter bypass. 
The Business Development and Relationship Officer (BDRO), Mallam Aminu Aminu, in his response, thanked the MD for visiting the Gusau Area Office and for the support the area office has received so far. 
"This type of visit motivates and makes us believe that the management is concerned about us"
Malam Aminu however appealed to management to deploy more prepaid meters and to register some of the motorbikes that will help staff in monitoring prepaid meters and solve other logistical problems.
Addressing the Service Centers Supervisors, the BDRO urged them to run the Service Centers as their personal businesses.  
To improve revenue collection, he advocated the need for more community engagement, meeting with district heads, ward heads, religious and political leaders. 
He added that increased customer enumeration and a mandatory reconnection fee for customers who were disconnected for nonpayment of bills will further boost the revenue collection.

 Make Operational Excellence Your Watchword- BDRO Sokoto
By Umar Mohammed Tambuwal          

The Business Development and Relationship Officer, Sokoto Area Office, Abubakar Hashim, has restated the company’s unwavering commitment to uphold the principle of ‘Customer First’ by ensuring customers satisfaction as a way of improving the company’s fortune.
The BDRO made this statement while addressing Feeder Supervisors and Sales Representatives during the monthly cash collection meeting recently in Sokoto.
Mr Hashim noted that customers are more inclined to pay voluntarily if they are satisfied with the quality of service delivery.
“There is nothing more rewarding than customers paying their bills without being compelled and without altercation. It makes the job easier while achieving one of our major reasons for being in business”. 
The BDRO explained that the management’s new corporate culture lays emphasis on discipline; accountability and integrity, which he said, will translate into qualitative service delivery. 
He urged them to imbibe these values as a way to improving the company’s cash collection adding that changing the company’s fortune requires a multi directional approach.
Explaining further, Hashim said for the company to excel, every employee must strive to make operational excellence their watchword by building on strength and minimizing our weaknesses.
He however reminded the staff of the three months probationary period granted by Managing Director to staff who have not met their target, adding that whoever fails at the end of the 3 months period will be sacked. 

Kaduna Electric Donates 7.5KVA Transformer To UDUS
By Umar Mohammed 

Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company Limited, has donated a 7.5KVA power transformer worth several millions of naira to the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.

Speaking during the commissioning of the transformer at the main campus of the university, the Managing Director of the company, Engr. Garba Haruna, said the donation was made to replace the damaged transformer serving the University community.

According to him, the company decided to intervene quickly and address the problem so as to ensure that the atmosphere is conducive to learning in the University.

He said the move was part of the company's efforts to enhance qualitative service delivery to its priority customers.

"UDUS is our priority customer and we believed that supplying a 24 hours electricity is of great priority to us.

"The University is doing well in paying its bills promptly and we felt the need to quickly intervene to ensure a conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning in the institution".

The MD advised the management of the University to do proper energy utilization in order to reduce waste.

Responding, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Abdullahi Zuru, commended Kaduna Electric for the prompt intervention.

He noted that the University was in total darkness as a result of the damage of the transformer, which made life difficult for students, and staff of the institution.

He thanked the company for the gesture and promised prompt payment of electricity bills.

How to Prevent Fire Outbreaks in This Harmattan Season!

With the incessant outbreak of fire in this Harmattan Season, it’s crucial to alert Nigerians of the need to be more careful.

As we witness more harsh conditions in this harmattan season, Nigerians are advised to take precautionary measures against the effects of the harmattan in order to avoid fire occurrences.
There is urgent need to undertake the following precautions:

1.Improve on our housekeeping culture

2.Check indiscriminate refuse and bush burning

3.Avoid wrong and improper storage of petroleum

4.Use of candle and firewood to light the house at night should at least stop for now. You can use torchlight or rechargeable lamp.

5. Ensure the use of proper electrical appliances to avoid sparks and electrical fires. Put off the power supply at the main switch or control board in the incident of power failure to prevent power surge once the power is restored.

6.Proper storage and handling of inflammable substances. Never spray your insecticides near your cooking stove or gas cooker!

Thursday, 23 November 2017


Meter Bypass, A Major Impediment To Our Revenue Collection 
 CCD: Please can you briefly tell us about yourself.
SOO: My name is Solomon Ochada Omaye, the Senior Marketing Supervisor (SMS) for Makera Area Office. I joined the Company in September 2015 as a Sales Rep and by December 2015 I was made a Supervisor of a Service Center and from then on it has been from one supervisory role to another- either in acting capacity or substantive. But I am currently the SMS for Makera Area Office.

CCD: As a Senior Marketing Supervisor what has been your experience so far?
SOO: It has been both a challenging and an interesting one. In all of this, I have acquired more knowledge about the business, which I gathered as a result of the challenges on how to improve cash collections and the ability to surmount those challenges. 
Thankfully, the collections have improved; I mean comparatively there has been some percentage increases from when I joined and now. This is in spite of the challenges.
Working with a large number of people I think is the interesting part of the whole process because I have met people of diverse backgrounds and ideas, which we have harnessed in achieving the organizational goals.
CCDWhat are the responsibilities of an SMS in the company?
SOO: Basically, the responsibilities of an SMS in the company and Makera Area Office in particular, is to coordinate the marketing activities of the Area Office, to coordinate activities with other units in relation to the Head Office. It involves ensuring that collections improve, identifying   what can hamper cash collection, supervising all the staff (Supervisors and Sales Reps) to ensure that they are doing what is expected of them. For instance, I must ensure that they have up-to-date data on customer enumeration, regular update of customers information, and to ensure that energy received is accounted for. 
CCD: It has been said that cash collection can be daunting, could you comment on this?SOO: Yes, it is and the challenges are many. Meters by-pass is one of the many challenges we are facing because after bill distribution, from the analysis we have made, we found out that it is the PPM customers that bring about a drop in the collections we make. Another major challenge is the logistics- limited working tools and vehicles for our operations. A service center might have just one vehicle to work with for a day and by the following day the vehicle might have developed a fault. 
The ladders are insufficient, we need them during cash collections; this also makes the cash collection process difficult.
CCD: How do you now surmount these challenges to ensure that they don't get in the way of cash collection?
SOO: First things first, as the popular saying goes: "a happy customer is a paying customer" so we ensure that we satisfy our customers by meeting their needs and resolving their complaints. Also, in Makera we started the new billing methodology as recommended by NERC where we take a load assessment of customers to ensure that they are properly billed. This strategy has helped us to some extent because when a customer is properly billed based on load assessment he is a happy customer and he will be willing to pay his bill promptly.
We also organized a local task force to go out on weekly and daily bases to ensure that meters are not circumvented even those that are circumvented are reported to further improve our collection. 
We are encouraging the use of bill trackers by our Sales Reps, to enable us keep track on performance on a daily basis by comparing what a customer has paid and what the same customer was billed for that month. This method of tracking bills and comparing it to what was paid is also paying off.

CCD: What other strategies do you think the company should adopt to improve revenue collections?
SOO: You know 'Performance Monitoring' is key; if you are not able to track the performance of a particular Sales Reps or Service Center, of course everybody will just be working without directions. That why I strongly recommend that 'Performance Monitoring' should be put in place.
Then another strategy is to give out adequate and timely information to customers; there is need for us to do more public enlightenment programmes. Then community sensitization too, which is very key especially in an area like Makera and Tudun Wada, where we have a lot of slums. Indeed companywide, it is important to hold sensitization and town hall meetings to discuss with consumers why bills have to be paid.
CCD: What is the total number of your customers in Makera area office?
SOO: In this area office we have 53,000-54,000, that's inclusive of PPM and non-PPM customers.
CCD: How do you get your staff to work as a team?
SOO: We have a social media platform; we also use emails to pass information from supervisors down to Sales Reps.
 In cases where the Sales Reps are not acting on the instructions or information given, they can be called for briefings.
CCD: Any word to management or staff?
SOO: If we put our heads together as a team and management is able to provide the needed support, performance will improve. Then for staff, we all have to endeavor to be good ambassadors of the company.          

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Increased Staff Training Will Bring About Increased Productivity 

CCD: Let's meet Basiru Matawalle Isah.
BI:Well, as you already know, I am Basiru Matawalle Isah. I was born on the 11th November 1983 in Argungu. I attended Dankoji Ninzamiyya Model Primary School and later Sama Secondary School Argungu.
From there I proceeded to Sokoto State Polytechnic in the year 2003 where I got a certificate in Public Accounting & Audit and a Diploma in Public Accounting and Auditing in the same college. In 2006 I bagged a degree in Economics from Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto, thereafter, I served in Bayelsa State, Kolokuma Ofokuma Local Government Area as an INEC adhoc staff in 2011 and a volunteer teacher at Emir Mohammed Mera College from 2012 to 2015.

CCD: As a Sales Representative, tell us what your challenges were. 
BI: Sales Reps are the life wire of this company, but we are faced with a lot challenges which includes the attitude of some staff who do not see themselves as part owners of the business. There is also the inability of some Sales Reps to handle their Key Performance Indicator (KPI).
Other challenges are inadequate in-house training or proper orientation and the time frame for bill distribution. 

CCD: Now as a Service Center Supervisor, what are your major responsibilities?
BI: My responsibilities include effective supervision and monitoring, and proper management of the service center. Others include, ensuring 100% bills distribution and cash collection, customer enumeration and escalating issues emanating from the service center.

CCD: What is your concept of Marketing especially within Kaduna Electric context?
BI: Marketing in Kaduna Electric is nothing but customer relationship building, which involves creating more customers via customer enumeration. Another method we use in building customer relationship is through the use of SWOT analysis even though the company has a monopoly in energy distribution. 

CCD: In your opinion, how do you think revenue can be increased starting from your Service Center and companywide?
BI: Everything rests on how much information the workforce has, there is also a need for proper staff orientation which should include requisite trainings, customer enumeration, proper tariff classification and Pre-paid meter monitoring. 100% bill distributions and 100% cash collection.

CCD: Sales Reps are constantly being given targets, what is your take on this?
BI: Let me start by saying that targets we receive are realistic especially because the method of measuring electricity usage is accurate. Also, as Sales Reps, we need to be given targets so that we can work with a focus in mind.

CCD: How can we maximize our collection and minimize our losses?
BI: Collection maximization can be achieved with proper management while loss reduction can be achieved by ensuring that people are assessed using their KPIs.

CCD: How does your role as a supervisor add value to the company?
BI:  My role as a supervisor has helped especially in revenue generation because we have moved from a collection of 13million Naira to 19.4million Naira in three months.
Secondly, we have also done well in community engagement and through the introduction of effective marketing strategies like SWOT analysis that I mentioned earlier.
CCD: Do you have any advice for the management of Kaduna Electric
BI: Yes, my advice is for management to intensify in-house trainings because everything we do stems from how much knowledge we have.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


How Customer Tariff Re-Classification Is Helping Our Revenue Collection
CCD: Abubakar Garba, tell us how your journey to Kaduna Electric started? 
AG: I joined the company in January 2006 when it was PHCN as Lines Officer and was seconded to the Marketing Unit as a marketer. So, I had the opportunity to witness the transition from PHCN to Kaduna Electric. 
I spent five years in the Marketing Unit. I was one of the lucky ones that scaled through a rigorous recruitment exercise by Kaduna Electric in 2015. I have supervised a few Service Centers, namely Birini Kebbi Road Service Center, Rinji Sambo Service Center, Gunmbi Service Center and Diori Hammani Service Center.
Currently, I am the Supervisor for Water Works Feeder. The journey has not been easy because of the nature of the service we provide but there have equally been some achievements, which we must not fail to acknowledge. For instance, when I assumed duty at the Water Works Feeder in August, the revenue collection for July was at 6Million Naira. Between August and September it grew to 8.4million. We have now moved to 9.1Million Naira and we are not relenting; we will continue to put in our best in meeting our set target.
CCD: As a supervisor, how do you describe your leadership style?
AG: Well, my primary assignment is to steer the activities of Marketing, Engineering and other units under my Service Center with the sole objective of ensuring a 100% revenue collection, ensure that customers' complaints are resolved within shortest time possible. Also, I monitor the bill distribution on daily basis, from when bills are printed to distribution stage.
CCD: What is your total customer population?
AG: I can categorically state that we have 4,350 customers; this is due to the steady increase in the number of customers captured compared to the total existing number of 3,850 as at when I resumed in August 2017. Records have also shown that an average of 150 customers are captured on a monthly basis, we hope to hit higher figures.
CCD: Give us a breakdown of your customer classification?
AG: Out of a total of 4,350 customers, 4,307 are post-paid customers, 43 are prepaid customers.
CCD: What are your strategies for an effective cash collection?
AG: We ensure that all MD and Non-MD bills are printed within the first week of every month, after monthly salaries have been paid to enable salary earners pay their bills. Also, we have established and maintained a good relationship with traditional rulers in the rural communities who have been beneficial to us in terms of revenue collection and generation. We have embarked on an extensive tariff re-classification to ensure that our customers are appropriately placed on their tariff class to further boost revenue collection.
CCD: What is your staff strength?
AG: We have a total number of 16 staff members, 10 are Sales Representatives, three are Linesmen, a CCR, a Cashier and a Metering staff.
CCD: What would you like to be remembered for?
AG: I would like people to remember me for my integrity, honesty and transparency.
CCD: Any word of advice for your staff?
AG: On a final note, I would want all the staff to remain dedicated to duties and for us all to focus on achieving the company vision. 

Friday, 3 November 2017


Corps Members to Get 3 Months Extension, Possible Retention

Farewell Dinner, Award Night for Outgoing Corps Members 

By Halima Shuaibu

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Garba Haruna has disclosed that the 2016/17 Batch B Corp members who have just completed their service with the company will get a 3-month extension to work for the company.

The MD who spoke at this year’s farewell party organized in honour of the Corp members said that their contributions to the company has warranted the need for a three-month extension during which they will be assessed, trained and retained based on their performance. 

He enjoined them to remain committed to whatever they are given to do noting that they can only excel when they fully apply themselves to the tasks.

“Even as you leave Kaduna Electric, you should remain committed to whatever task you are given, make good use of all you have leant from here, the experience will come in handy especially when you get to another organization. Most importantly, remain good ambassadors of the Company”.

The event, which took place at the company’s Corporate Head Quarters, had an Award Night as one of the major highlights.

Corp Members who distinguished themselves during service were recognized and given award certificates in different categories. 

They were later treated to sumptuous dinner. There was also a dance competition and lots of games and other fun activities for the night.

In his welcome address, the Chief Corporate Services Officer, Mr. Uday Mishra tasked the Corp members on hard work and passion for whatever they do stressing that the labour market will require young people who will bring hard work and dedication to duty. 

Also speaking, the Chief Marketing and Customer Services Officer, Mal. Murtala Bello, urged the young adults to look up to the future ahead of them. He reminded them of theme of the event, which is “Find Your Inner Treasure”, encouraging them to look inwards for what he termed the “latent potential”. 

Kaduna Electric At The NERC
Complaints Forum

By Halima Shuaibu
The National Electricity Regulatory Commission, Kaduna State Complaint Forum, has received series of complaints from Customers of Kaduna Electric alleging breach of contract of different categories. 

According to information from the Forum, these complaints include over billing, faulty transformers, request for meters, request for refund and damages. 

The Forum met recently to look at some of these cases.  It was presided over by its chairman, Engr. Iliyasu Sale, representing Manufacturers Association of Nigeria. Other members are Mohammed Yusuf Lere, representing National Association of Chambers of Commerce, Mines and Industry and Sale Abdullahi, representing Consumer Protection Council. 

Cases brought before NERC forum, are:
1.     Alamin Abubakar Vs Kaduna Electric (Damage Claim of 1 million-naira, Refund of N160 for Meter Bypass, Meter replacement and revenue Loss)
2.     Kamazo Community Vs Kaduna Electric (Faulty Transformer)
3.     Mr. Ephraim Vs Kaduna Electric (Request for Prepaid Meter)
4.     Mr. Mutallab Vs Kaduna Electric (Overbilling)

The first case that came up was Alamin Abubakar (complainant) versus Kaduna Electric.  The complainant was represented by his lawyer who prayed the court to order the defendant to pay him the sum One Million Naira for damages he suffered for the period he was out of supply. He also denied the accusation that his meter was compromised as stated by Kaduna Electric and therefore, pleaded for a refund of N160,000 (One Hundred and Sixty Thousand Naira Only) for all the monies he paid to Kaduna Electric as follows: N50,000 for Meter replacement, N60,000 for loss of revenue  and N50, 000 as penalty for meter bypass.

In his ruling the Chairman of the tribunal requested that the lawyer representing Alamin Abubakar should ensure that his client appears in court on the adjourned date to give a complete testimony while Kaduna Electric should present an official document stating the penalty for meter bypass.

In the case involving Kamazo Community, the complainants prayed the court to direct Kaduna Electric to restore power to the community by replacing the faulty transformer.

Responding, Kaduna Electric through its lawyer stated that the community still owes the company a huge sum with most of its members defaulting and engaging in illegal connections.

The Chairman, while reading the ruling ordered that the community must be reconnected with the next three weeks day, time fixed for judgment. 

Kaduna Electric Trains 63 for New Billing Platform

By Mohammed Abbah, Sokoto Area Office

The management of Kaduna Electric has employed the services of, a billing consultancy company to train 63 members of its staff on the new billing platform for Post Paid customers.

Speaking during a workshop in Sokoto, Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed of, said the aim of the training programme was to acquaint cashiers in Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara states on the new billing system.

According to him, this is to enable all the cashiers in the three states to be fully aligned to the new system.

Mohammed, who is also the facilitator of the training programme, maintained that the company is seeking new and effective ways to continually deliver on its customer satisfaction promise, hence the move to train the cashiers.

He emphasized that Kaduna Electric was determined to change the lives of its valued customers by ensuring that the allocated power supply is adequately rationed so that customers get value for paying their bills.

"This is aimed at ensuring that billing information is made available in a convenient and secured manner.”

This according him, is geared towards meeting the expectations of its valued customers in Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara states, as the new electricity billing system introduced will curb losses to power firms".

He further said that the company had embarked on a transformational journey to positively change the lives of its customers through the provision of customer friendly and value-added services.

“Kaduna Electric wants to make sure that the valued customers pay for the exact quantum of energy they consumed”.

He told the cashiers that the company decided to train them, as it is committed to delivering exceptional services to its customers in line with the vision to be the best electricity distribution company in the country.

 Outgoing Corps Members Get Commendation Letters
Ø Productive Corps Members to Be Retained 
By Nafiu Kabiru, Kebbi Area Office 

The Ag. Business Development and Relationship Officer (BDRO), Engr. Dogara Saidu has commended the outgoing corps members from Kebbi Area Office for their contributions while working with the company.

Engr. Saidu made this remark while addressing the outgoing Batch B Corp Members who served mainly in the ICT and Engineering and Technical units.

He added that their contributions did not go unnoticed, as the management has promised to retain those who have performed exceptionally.

“The Managing Director has said that those of you who have done very well on their job should be retained. Even those of you leaving us should not relent, there are opportunities out there but only for those who will work hard”. 

Operation Supervisor, Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara Engr. Umar Sani Argungu equally tasked the corps members to remain good ambassadors of the company adding that they must continue to be committed and hardworking.

Letters of Commendation were given to the corps members for the successful completion of the projects they were assigned.

Responding, the corps members took turn to express their gratitude to the management for giving them the opportunity to serve the company.

Inadequate Manpower, A Major Obstacle to Effectiveness-HR Personnel

By Mohd Abbah, Sokoto Area Office 

The Human Resources Officer, Gusau Area office of Kaduna Electric Mallam Yusuf Muhammad has identified inadequate manpower as a major challenge facing the company. 

Malam Yusuf made this disclosure during an exclusive interview with the media team of the organization in his office in Gusau.

"We lack manpower especially in Marketing and Engineering departments and we are hoping to solve the problem as soon as possible".

On proffering possible solutions to the problem, the Human Resources Officer said organizing training, seminars, creating a more conducive environment for the staff of the organization will go a long way in solving the problem.

Speaking on disciplinary matters, Malam Muhammad suggested that everyone should have a copy of HR handbook so that when a rule is violated, the penalty is already known, and no one can hide under the excuse of being ignorant.

When asked about his achievements so far in the organization, the Sokoto born Human resource expert said: "I have tried to make the work place conducive for both staff and customers, we have also made arrangement for cleaners in order to make the environment livable”. 

Explaining further, he stated that faulty appliances and office materials requiring repairs have been done with the help of the Business Development and Relationship Officer.

He concluded by calling on all the staff of Gusau Area Office to maintain a harmonious working relationship, which according to him is the only way any business organization can attain any form of success.

4 Suspected Vandals Docked 
By Mohd Abbah

The Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Civil Defense in Gusau, Zamfara State has paraded two suspects, Hashim Gado, 25 and Abdullahi Ahmad 29 who were accused of vandalizing and dismantling 600 meters aluminum cable and 8no 33kv insulator belonging to Kaduna Electric in Kuga village Zamfara State.

Gado who had earlier accused his wife of adultery was exposed by her for stealing aluminum cables belonging to Kaduna Electric.

Hashimu Gado claimed that the items were sold to him by one Aminu Awwal, Abubakar Abdullahi, and Usman Muazu all of who are residents of Daraja Cassette of Sabon Gari Gusau. All of them denied the allegation.

The Chief Judge of the Magistrate court 1 Maru, Zamfara State, Justice Muhammad Bello has ordered that the suspects be remanded.  
The Civil Defense prosecutor, Ashiru Sani Abubakar arraigned and read the charges to the accused persons before Justice Muhammad Bello.  
They were charged with criminal conspiracy, theft and tempering with properties belonging to Kaduna Electric which is a criminal offense and contravenes section 97, 288 and section 1 (9) of miscellaneous offense act, CAP M7 law of federation (2014).
The accused persons pleaded guilty to the charges.
Similarly, three other accused persons (Aminu Awwal, Abubakar Abdullahi and Usman Mu'azu) were also arraigned before Justice Muhammad Bello for various charges which include dishonestly receiving stolen properties and concealment of stolen properties all of which are contrary to section 319 of panel code law.  They denied the allegations leveled against them.

Justice Muhammad Bello Galadaci granted each of them bail with a condition of providing a surety who must be a reasonable person who owns a house within the judicial area otherwise the accused persons be remanded.

The Corporate Communication Officer, Gusau Area Office, Muhammad Abba who represented the company during the hearing expressed his appreciation to the Civil Defense Command Zanfara State for apprehending the suspects.

 “We appreciate your efforts and we will continually seek your assistance in curbing the menace of vandalism as this is one of the major obstacles to providing stable power supply”.