Thursday, 28 September 2017


Things That Hamper Efficiency At Our Service Centre

CCD: Could you please introduce yourself? 
AK: My name is Ashiru Kazeem Adebowale, an Industrial Service Centre Supervisor for Gusau Area Office. I attended Federal Science College, Sokoto and proceeded to Sokoto State Polytechnic for Interim Joint Matriculation Examination (IJMB) from 2002 to 2007. Thereafter, I got admission to Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto, where I graduated with a BSc in Economics. 

CCD: What were you employed as, and could you describe how you felt when you were first hired to work with Kaduna Electric?
AK: I received my employment letter on the 1st of September 2015 as a Sales Representative with responsibilities that included: bills distribution, developing a good relationship with customers, strategizing on ways to enhance the company’s revenue and to oversee the activities of the Service Center. 
I was elated. It was a feeling of excitement to be employed in a great organization such as this and I saw it as an opportunity to contribute in the power sector. 

CCD: You have just been made the Industrial Service Center Supervisor, what are you going to do differently?
AK: Upon resumption as a Supervisor, I started by sensitizing customers and community leaders. The message is simple: for them to see themselves as stakeholders in the business. And whatever belongs to you, you are expected to take actions that will enable it to succeed and not jeopardize it. This is why they were enjoined to shun all forms of illegal activities like illegal reconnection, energy theft and refusal of pay electricity bills. I am happy to tell you that these ills have reduced considerably due to the sensitization programmes we have been embarking on. I will not relent in doing everything to see that the business succeeds.

CCD: What do you think are hinderances to achieving the set goals at the Area Office?
AK: There are a lot of challenges in Gusau area office but I will just mention a few. Most of our customers in Gusau still see the provision of electricity as the responsibility of government and therefore would not want to pay for it. 
Secondly, there is the problem of vandalism; this situation affects our collection. 
There is also the problem of “Area Boys” who will not allow us to carry out disconnections. I have been able to manage this situation due to the knowledge I acquired from training for Supervisors I attended recently in Kaduna.
Lastly, the issue of mobility; mobility is also one of the greatest challenges we are facing. The Sales Representatives need to have a vehicle to enable them discharge their responsibilities effectively. I am aware that our BDRO is making efforts to see that Gusau Area Office gets motorcycles. 

CCD: Where do you see yourself in the next three years in Kaduna Electric?
AK: I have only been this organization for two years. But I can say that this short period of time has been a huge learning curve for me. I would want to use the next three years to acquire more industry experience and also to sharpen my technical abilities. I see myself functioning at different capacities, like leading a team that will develop the winning ideas for the company.

CCD: How do you ensure an error proof report?
AK: I know the implications of financial mistakes, I know they can lead to heavy losses to the company; a wrong decision can be taken if a report is not properly put together. To avert this I usually double-check my work, I do peer review with my subordinates and line managers before I submit any report.

CCD: What is your greatest strength?
AK: My greatest strength is that I am result oriented. I don’t give up until I get results. And I make effort to see that I achieve the set target and to ensure that Kaduna Electric becomes first among the rest.

 CCD: What then is your weakness?
AK: I tend to be a perfectionist; therefore, I don’t like to delegate to others. But I have discovered that to attain efficiency, I must delegate responsibilities.

CCD: Any appeal/suggestion to other Staff/Management on how to make our operations more efficient?
AK: My suggestion to the management is that they should appeal to government to pass a bill that will criminalize acts of vandalism and meter bypass. 
The management should also address the issues of estimated billing, metering and capturing new customers.  I will also advise that we partner communities, law enforcement agents and vigilante groups to secure our substations and installations.

Thursday, 21 September 2017


Ours Will Be The Service Centre To Beat

CCD: Shehu Yusuf, tell us about your journey  to Kaduna Electric.
SY:  I joined Kaduna Electric in 2015. I was one of the lucky ones that scaled through a rigorous recruitment exercise. 
Shortly after the training in Sokoto, I was posted to Sokoto Area Office, under Farfaru Feeder where I acted as Supervisor. I worked in Farfaru for a year before I was redeployed to Arkila Feeder as the Supervisor on the 1st of September 2016. Recently the management organized a one-week training in Kaduna; after the training I was posted to Kaduna Road Feeder, Sokoto.
The journey has not been easy because of the nature of the service we provide but there have equally been some achievements, which we must not fail to acknowledge.
When I resumed at the Kaduna Road Feeder in August, the revenue collection for July was N11.2 Million. In August the revenue generated was N 13.2 Million, a N2 million increase in one month. We are not relenting; we will continue to put in our best in managing the liquidity problems.

CCD: As a Supervisor, how do you run the Service Centre under you?
SY: My primary assignment here is steering the marketing activities, with the sole objective of ensuring 100% collection in Service Center and to ensure that customers complaints are resolved within the shortest time possible. Bills must also be distributed as soon as they are printed.

CCD:  Can you give us an idea of the customer population you are serving?
SY: As at August 2017, I can categorically state that we have 3,210 customers. This is due to the steady increase in number of customers captured, compared to the total existing total of 3,160 at the time of my assumption of office. We hope to hit higher figures in the near future.
Of this number 85% are prepaid customers; 15% are postpaid customers.

CCD: Do you have any strategy in place to improve the productivity of your Service Center?
SY: My plan is to make Kaduna Road Service Centre number 1 in the whole Company. I would like to set a precedent that would be an example to all the Area Offices and ensure that we achieve hundred percent of our target and if possible more. As I am talking to you I have already designed a plan on how to monitor all the installed prepaid meters in my center. We must know the status of each and every meter.

CCD: What are your achievements so far?
SY: I have been able to bring about a significant change in the attitude of my staff, a more positive attitude to work. They are now better equipped to work more effectively with minimal supervision.

 CCD: What is your staff strength?
SY: We have a total of 13 staff members; six are Sales Representatives, four Lines Men, a CCR, a Cashier and a Metering Staff.

CCD: How is your response time to local faults?
SY:  It depends on the nature of the fault. Where the fault is a minor one it takes one to two hours to clear but if it is a major one it might take a day.

CCD: Any word of advice to staff?
SY: I would like them to be very punctual and honest when it comes to work. Also they need to be very diplomatic when interacting with the customers. Most importantly they should pay attention to what I refer to as “ICT” (Integrity, Commitment and Target).

Friday, 15 September 2017


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Unveiling the KEFC Team New Jersey


Non-Meter Deployment, DSS Director Wades in For Maru Community 

By Mohammed Abbah

 The Director of State Security Service (DSS), Zamfara State Command, Hadi U. Sudawa has called on the management of Kaduna Electric to provide enough prepared meters as a way out of the persistent disagreement between the company and its customers. 
 The Director, who made this call in a meeting with representatives of Kaduna Electric and the people of Maru in his office, said he receives several complaints daily from the public concerning estimated bills and non-provision of prepaid meters amongst others.  
He called on the company to as a matter of urgency take proactive measures to resolve the issues. 
The transformer serving the people of Maru, according to him, needs an urgent replacement adding that the situation has worsened the supply of power to the community.  
He called on both parties (Kaduna Electric and Maru Community) to resolve their differences amicably while urging the company to put more efforts in sensitizing its customers about its services to get the cooperation and understanding of the customers.  
“My Area Command is always ready to give you adequate support, make your business peaceful and protect your lives and properties”. 
Speaking, the Emir of Maru Alh. Abubakar Chika Ibrahim accused Kaduna Electric of neglecting his people despite the cooperation he has been giving the company by urging the people to pay their bills promptly. 
  “I have no other way of describing this other than a discrimination against the people of Maru. Our transformer was stolen, you promised to repair and return it.  I am aware that several reports and complaints have been sent to your table but nothing was done about it”.
 Reacting, the Business Development Relationship Officer (BDRO), Malam Aminu Aminu dismissed all the allegations while pointing out that the activities of the company is highly regulated and that for energy supply to be steady, the people must endeavor to settle their bills to enable the company to maintain its equipment. 

“We respect our customers, we are here for business and we are one family. We have no right to stop giving you supply. And since we are in business to make profit, we cannot do it without you. We don't discriminate against anybody, we respect everybody and we will continue to give you adequate support for the development of the state”. 
 The BDRO assured the community that management is making arrangement to resolve the issue of meters within the shortest time possible adding that customers need to settle their bills as at when due so that company can procure the meters. 
On the issue of over billing, he said the customers are billed according to their consumption. 
In closing, the BDRO thanked the DSS Director for weighing in on the matter and proffering solutions.

Rigasa Area Office, Tudun Wada Community Rub Minds On How to Improve Supply 

By Danjuma Abubakar 

The Rigasa Area Office in continuous effort to improve services to its customers has visited the people of Tudun Wada Community in Kaduna with a view to resolving some issues beneficial to both parties.  
Speaking at the meeting, the Business Development and Relationship Officer (BDRO), Rigasa Area Office, Mallam Ibrahim Mohammed called on the community and opinion leaders to talk to their people on the need to pay their bills and to create an enabling environment for the staff of the company to operate without fear of attack.
The Head Corporate Communications, Abdulazeez  Abdullahi  who was represented by the Team Lead Media and Community Relations, Mallam Idris Muhammad, stressed the need for customers to settle their bills and protect all Kaduna Electric installations in the community. 
The community leaders pleaded with the company to stop the practice of isolating an entire community for the offense of few customers who have not settled their bills as this affects paying and pre-paid customers. 
They also pledged to mobilize all electricity users in the area to settle their bills as and when due. 
Both parties however, agreed to work together to ensure early restoration of power supply to the community.  
The interactive session, which was at the instance of Tudun Wada North Forum, was held at Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi Mosque Hall in Tudun Wada Kaduna.
What We Intend to Achieve With 3-Eye-Approach- Sokoto DE

By Umar Mohammed 

The prevalence of vandalization of electricity installations has reached an unprecedented dimension especially in Sokoto Area Office, the Distribution Engineer (DE), Engr. Usman Abba has disclosed while enumerating the efforts the company is putting in place to combat the menace. 
Engr. Abba who was speaking with Kaduna Electric News recently in Sokoto said it is adopting a multidimensional approach in managing the growing number of vandalism. 
He stated that vandalism is not peculiar to Kaduna Electric but an industry problem, which is hampering the delivery of steady power to end users. 
He went further to reveal what he called the 3-eye-approach in solving the problem of unauthorized tampering of electrical installations. These are: vigilance by staff resident in the areas (first eye), customers and Community Leaders, District Heads (second eye), and then the Police, NSCDC, BDM security, Vigilante groups (third eye).

“We cannot be everywhere at every time so we have taken to these three levels of vigilance and it has started yielding results. Only recently, two suspected vandals were apprehended by the Community Vigilante, who handed them over to the Police; what you can describe as a collaboration of the Second and Third Eyes. 
The involvement of stakeholders is because they are closer to these installations and first to bear the brunt”.  
He appealed to the customers and all stakeholders to partner with the company in securing the company’s equipment adding that they (customers) will be first to feel the pain while the company will suffer revenue loss.  
The partnership according to him, involves timely reporting of faults, energy conservation, prompt settlement of bill, protecting our networks from vandals, stopping illegal energy theft and by-pass of meters and giving the company’s staff, the cooperation needed to carry out their responsibility. 
He equally warned the customers to stop paying money to unauthorized sources/persons but patronize the other payments channels that are available to ensure that their payments are properly documented.   
You Are Owners Too of Kaduna Electric 

By Muhamad Abbah 

The Business Development Relationship Officer (BDRO), Gusau Area Office, Mallam Aminu Aminu has charged staff to be good ambassadors of Kaduna Electric and commit to improving the fortunes of the company. 
The BDRO made the call while addressing Supervisors of the area during the Monthly Cash Collection Review in Gusau recently. 
According to him, the success of the company depends on the customers’ perception of the business, which he said could impact on their response to payment of bills.  
“Therefore, you as Supervisors must play the role of ensuring that your subordinates are properly guided and consult them where necessary so as to project positive image out there. 
Aminu told the Sales team that its performance for last month was “terribly low” and that this created a drawback for the Area Office generally.

The situation, he said must be put in check and Supervisors must take ownership of the job adding that it is unnatural for business owners to allow their business to fail.

 “We cannot continue doing business without making a profit. Find a way to make the customer pay for the services he has enjoined. This is why customers should be enlightened from time to time to encourage to them to pay and appreciate our efforts in ensuring that they get steady supply of electricity”.
Also speaking, the Senior Marketing Supervisor (SMS) Mr. Pius Anthony Abah tasked the Supervisors to leverage on the ongoing Customer Enumeration in generating revenue for the company.  
 “When you enumerate your customers properly, it gives you an idea of the total number of customers that should be billed”. 
Collection procedure must be in line with the company’s policy and let me emphasize that you should accept monies from customers offering to settle some part of their bills. It is your duty to pursue the rest”.