Thursday, 26 April 2018


Enforcement Team Already Getting Positive Result

CCD: May we meet you?
DH: My name is Danladi Habila. I was a staff of erstwhile PHCN and after the privatization I was retained as a staff of Kaduna Electric.
I was deployed from Technical Department to Admin and Security to work as an Assistant Security Officer for Barnawa Area Office. And recently I have just been asked to join the Enforcement Team even though I am yet to receive a letter to that effect.

CCD: What is the Enforcement Team set up to achieve?
DH: As an Enforcement team, we start out by identifying the places to go based on the information we have.
When we visit such locations, we observe, we inspect and after the inspection we comment on what changes/corrections that need to be done and if there are any irregularity concerning losses found, they are stated in the report.

CD: What is the difficult part of being in an enforcement team?
DH:  I will say that the most difficult part of the job is logistics. Example, movement from here to a place like Kafanchan is a difficult one.
But with time, hopefully,  things will begin to get better because the prospects are there, and we are going to achieve what we are set up to achieve.
There is also vandalism.  In most of the rural areas, our installations are not safe and therefore prone to vandalism. Our network and equipment are spread across a large area of coverage and vandals take advantage of this situation.

CCD: Has there been any improvement in collections since setting up of the team?
CCD: Yes. The assignment was mainly made for Maximum Demand customers in the first place. The task was to look at MD collection for a particular area that was considered very low. In the last two months we were able to get up to six million from few customers we visited as against two million Naira that area was generating.

CCD: What do you think the company can do to reduce the incidence of electrocution and vandalism?
DH: We can employ both short and long-term strategies.
As a long-term strategy, we should aim at achieving uninterrupted supply in order to discourage the activities of vandals that hide under the cover of the night.
With constant supply, communities can be alerted if there is an interruption at an odd hour. As a short-term approach, there should be more of community engagement by involving them in securing the power infrastructure.

CCD: Do you consider yourself a team player?
DH: Yes. We always work as a team because working as a team help to yield a positive result and as the saying goes: "two heads are better than one".

CCD: Some people have argued that working in team can slow them down, do you share this sentiment?
DH: Yes, to some extent because we have had cases where an information is supposed to be kept secret and we suddenly find out that it has been leaked by a member of team. Situations like this tend to cause misunderstandings.

CCD: In your opinion, what do you think the company can do differently to improve its performance?
DH: One major area I think they should look at is staff training. Staff should be made to believe in the Kaduna Electric brand such that they will be willing to be ambassadors of the company.
I have heard people say unflattering things about the company they work for, so there is need to give them a sense of belonging.
Also, building a strong line of communication from bottom to the top management is key; that  communication line is currently missing.

Thursday, 19 April 2018


Customer Satisfaction Will Lead to Increased Cash Collection 
CCD: Tell us more about yourself Funmilayo Peterside.
 I am a graduate of English Language from Usman Danfodio University
Sokoto.I also have a Diploma in Mass Communication. I had my secondary school education at the Federal Government College Sokoto.  I was born and brought up in Sokoto State, even though I am an indigene of Atakumosa Local Government area of Osun State. I am computer literate, an avid reader, fluent in English, Hausa and Yoruba Languages, a team player with experience in journalism and editing.

CCD: When did you join the service of the company?
I resumed duties on the 1st of September 2015 as a Sales
Representative in Industrial Service Centre, Sokoto.
I was later assigned to Kaduna Road Service Center, as a Customer
Services Representative (CSR) on the 15th April 2016.

CCD: Can you brief us on what your primary assignment is?
: Basically, my primary assignment as a Customer Service
Representative (CSR) is handling customers' complaint and ensuring that
customers' needs are met by providing quality service in a timely and
friendly manner.

CCD: What are the difficulties associated with being a Customer Service
Wow! You get to face irate customers, but we do our best to calm
them and resolve their complaints. You also have to manage situations
where complaints sent to other departments for resolution are delayed.
Then, you have to find a way to manage your customers who expect that
their complaints should have been resolved.

Let me state that the most difficult customer to pacify is the one whose
complaint has remained unresolved for a long period of time; such a
customer is likely to become abusive.

CCD: What are your plans for Kaduna Road Service Center?
My plans are not just for Kaduna Road Service Centre but any Service
Center I find myself. The goal is building a work force with the mindset
of resolving customers' complaints efficiently which will lead to
satisfaction because with a satisfied customer you have a paying
customer which is the gateway to 100% revenue collection.

CCD: Any advice to your colleagues?
Be steadfast and give your best shot in whatever you do. For whatever
that is worth doing is worth doing well because success only embraces 

those that strive harder.

CCD: What do you do at your leisure time?
Hmmmm, that depends on my mood at the time. I would either be
reading a novel, writing poems, listening to music or watching movies.

CCD: Earlier, you said you are writer, so, should we be expecting your
contribution for our Pulse Quarterly Publication?

CCD: Thank you for your time.
It is a pleasure.

Friday, 13 April 2018


Kaduna Electric Partner Shell Foundation to increase Energy Access
Asmau Muhammad & Jamila Bala
L-R Ignacio Perez-Arriaga, Pradeep Pursnani and Joel Abrams
In an effort to increase access to electricity within its franchise area, the Management of Kaduna Electric and Shell Foundation have commenced bilateral talks aimed at forging strategic partnership.
A three-man team from Shell Foundation were at the Corporate Headquarters of Kaduna Electric on Monday 9th April 2017 where a high level discussion between the two organizations were held.
The leader of the Shell Foundation, Mr. Pradeep Pursnani disclosed that the foundation is interested in partnering with Kaduna Electric to increase energy access to the public in the franchise area of Kaduna Electric. “Duch Shell Foundation has over fifteen years’ experience in energy access; it has developed many innovative business modules and technical solutions to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable power to businesses and households across Africa and India; and given the challenges as well as opportunities to energy access in Nigeria; we want to work together with the existing players like the Discos to bring out more innovative and Business modules and technology to reach its customers,” he affirmed.
The Chief, Technical Services of Kaduna Electric, Engineer Bello Musa welcomed the initiative of the Shell Foundation and expressed the willingness of the Company to work with global players like Shell Foundation to improve the quantity and quality of power supply in our franchise area.
It is expected that the discussion will lead to the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) by the organizations paving the way for exchange of information, ideas and deployment of technology.

Fight against Vandalism get Boost… 21 Year old Vandal Bags 5 Years Jail Term
Asmau Muhammad & Asmau Gwamna

The anti-vandalism campaign of the Company this week received a big boost with the conviction of a 21 year old vandal. Alhassan Ashiru of Kawari Village in Soba Local Government of Kaduna State was on Tuesday, 10th April, 2018 convicted and sentenced to five years imprisonment by the Magistrate Court, Kofar Fada, Zaria City.
Announcing the verdict yesterday, the Chief Magistrate, Mal. Umaru Bature stated that the court found Alhassan Ashiru guilty of the two court charges of the theft and mischief brought against him and sentenced him to two and three years imprisonment respectively. He was also given twenty five lashes before he was sent to prison.

According to the Police Prosecutor, Inspector Sarki Abdullahi, the convict was charged with theft of power supply equipment belonging to Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company and mischief, offences contrary to, and punishable under sections 58, 312 and 302 of the panel code, law of Kaduna State.

The convict, Alhassan Ashiru had earlier confessed his culpability in the crime and the police have since recovered the stolen items.  The convict, Alhassan Ashiru was however given an option of =N=50,000 and =N=100,0000 fine respectively.
Commenting on the issue, the Head Corporate Communications of Kaduna Electric, Abdulazeez Abdullahi applauded the courage of the Chief Magistrate, describing it as “highly patriotic.”
“We strongly believe that the judgement will serve as a deterrent to those who may be nursing the intention of vandalizing power supply infrastructure; we commend the patriotic disposition of the Chief Magistrate,” he said.

Kaduna Electric Football Club Unveil New Logo…Organise Fund Raising Dinner
Asmau Muhammad & Danjuma Abubakar.

Chairman Kaduna Electric and Members of KEFC

The second anniversary of Kaduna Electric Football Club, KEFC was celebrated on Wednesday, 11th April 2018 with the unveiling of the new logo of the club and the investiture of the Chairman, Board of Directors, Alhaji Yusuf Hamisu Abubakar as the Grand Patron of the Club.
The Chairman of the Club who is also the Chief, Commercial of Kaduna Electric Mall. Murtala Bello commended the Management of Kaduna Electric and the sport loving members of staff for supporting the club since its inception.
“Recognizing the need to continually engage and sensitize its customers, Kaduna Electric is leveraging on the Kaduna Electric Football Club (KEFC) to reach out to communities and create brand awareness. The challenges currently being faced by the Electricity Industry in Nigeria is such that, as a Disco, we cannot overemphasize the role of individual and community engagements as a way out of the liquidity problem,” he said.
He expressed satisfaction with what the team has achieved so far describing the club as the company’s new “brand ambassador". 

“The club is not only for footballing; it has also taken for itself the task of brand advocacy by creating brand awareness for Kaduna Electric.”

Mal. Bello noted that Kaduna Electric recognizes the role of sports in the lives of Nigerians and that the Company is using the club to reach out to its customers.

The Grand Patron of the Club and Chairman Board of Directors, Alhaji Yusuf Hamisu Abubakar applauded the initiative and pledged the Board support to the club.

Highlights of the event included special recognition awards, unveiling of the club’s new logo, award to outstanding players, fund raising and selling of the leadership cards.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


Our Mandate is to recover Debt, Plug Revenue Leakages…… Bashir ‘EFCC’ Yusuf.

CCD: Can we meet you?
 BY-Yes, I am Bashir Yusuf, I was born and brought up in Argungu from the family of A.M Shayau Balarabe. I graduated from Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto with Bsc, Physics. I also hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the same institution.

CCD- When did you joined Kaduna Electric?
BY-I joined the service of Kaduna Electric in September 2015.

CCD- Please can you briefly explain to us the essence of Enforcement team which you are leading?
BY- It is to recover debt, plug revenue leakages, check energy theft as well address customers’ complaint/grievances for better service delivery. The Enforcement teams are field workers whose mandate is to meet the customers and help them clear issues, if any. We are to ensure full accountability of energy consumed by each and every customer. We are also mandated to boost the Company’s revenue by requesting for additional payments where necessary, because most if not all of our customers are not paying exactly what they consumed.

CCD: Challenges are inevitable in business like ours, what are the pressing challenges you are encountering now?
 BY: Obviously, our major challenges are nothing rather than energy theft, revenue losses and insecurity while on field. Some customers may tend to be hostile towards members of the team or even attack us; some customers are unpredictable in their response to issues, but all I know is that the way you approach your customers is what matters in this kind of our business. In this regard, my yardstick is pay what you consumed no more no less.

CCD- How do we mitigate such challenges? 
BY:   Challenges are inevitable always but by putting more effort on capturing new customers things will be better and also a lot of losses will reduce. They say charity begins at home, some of our colleagues doesn't help the situation, I mean they should insist on real business analysis. Join your hands to support Kaduna Electric by paying what you consumed as a staff of the company.

CCD: Kebbi Area Office has a very wide area of coverage, as team lead how did you move your daily plans?
 BY- We have already taken care of such by dividing our self into three groups; TEAM A which covered Argungu BU, TEAM B which covered Birnin kebbi BU and TEAM C which covered Yauri/Zuru axis.

CCD: What is your perception of Kaduna Electric especially as regard to its potentials?
BY: Kaduna Electric is an organization which struggle to stand on its feet. I believe one day, things will get better in which we as a staff are going to enjoy. I am proud to be a member of the Kaduna Electric family.

CCD: EFCC as I heard some staff were teasing you guys, what are the similarities there in?
BY: The only similarities (between the Enforcement Team and EFCC) are integrity, trust, honest and believe also to protect the Company’s revenue from losses as well as energy theft.

CCD: Sir, since you assumed this office what can you consider as the greatest achievement recorded so far?
BY: As you all know, this is a new department a lot of effort needs to be put in place, so far so good; we have achieved 60% on MD customers’ debt recovery. We also achieved on so many issues related to faulty meters discovery which caused the Company loss of revenue due to non-accounting of a lot of energy consumed by customers.

CCD: In the cause of you work, what did experienced which you think is unique from all other area offices?
BY: So Many things such as meter bypass, clamps arm meter readings as well as good customer relation, but the most amazing issue here in Kebbi is people doesn't want pay for service delivery!

CCD:  Do you have any advice to the management of Kaduna Electric?
BY: Yes first and foremost, staff motivation, staff grading system, staff appreciation, job security as well as priority to the staff welfare.

CCD: How did you spent your leisure time?
BY: Research
CCD: What are your hobbies?
BY: Reading and Travelling
CCD: Thanks for the time spent.
BY- Alhamdulillah, is my pleasure.

Thursday, 5 April 2018


Vandals Caught Are Adequately Prosecuted -Barr. Mohammed 

Maryam Mohammed is a barrister that knows her onions. Though relatively new in company, she has her hands firmly on the plough to get things done. She speaks about the menace of vandalism and how it is hampering the business of electricity distribution. The aims and achievement of the just concluded workshop with Judges and Magistrates.  Read on…

Barrister Maryam Mohammed, you recently joined the company as the Deputy Company Secretary/Legal Adviser, what has your experience been so far?

I have been here for six months, but it feels like I have been here for three years. There is a lot to do, a mountain of regulations to read and so much to learn. It has been challenging in a good way.

Recently, the duo of Kaduna and Kano Electric had a workshop for magistrates in all the franchise areas, what is the purpose of the workshop?

It was organized with the High Court and Federal High Court Judges for Batch A and then DPP's Magistrates, Police and Civil Defence for Batch B. The purpose of the conference was to open up communication channels with stakeholders, so they would have an understanding of the sector, its makeup and its challenges. Most especially, it was to foster a relationship based on mutual understanding of the role each party can play in improving the situation we find ourselves in.

What is your assessment of the workshop?
It was a huge success. That was how most of the participants viewed it and it is the way we the organizers view it too. There was an amazing turn out and the conversation flowed easily. We hosted a Justice of the Court of Appeal, Judges from seven states of the federation and they honored us with their presence. 

The Magistrates, Police, DPP's and NDCDC officers were well represented and industry participants including NERC, NBET, experts all came in large numbers. Many attendees implored Kaduna Electric to make the engagements more frequent as it opened their eyes to many issues in the industry they were not aware of. For instance, that Discos buy electricity at a higher cost than it is selling, and no one is paying for the shortfall. This and many more were the revelations they were exposed to.

Lately, there has been an increase in the number of reported cases of energy theft. How have you been handling it?
We have had many vandalism cases and as you know Kaduna Electric's coverage area is really wide. This makes our infrastructure susceptible to pilfering. We liaise with the police and the BDROs in the areas where vandals are caught and watch brief to ensure diligent prosecution of the accused. Vandalism was an issue that kept coming up during the conference because its effects are multi-faceted. 

Are there plans to set up special tribunals to address such cases?

We hope that since the communication channels have been open, the sky is the limit to what we can achieve, but you know some things take time. We will keep pushing till we get there.

What is your assessment of the judicial handling process of energy/electricity cases in Nigeria.
From the reaction and conversations we had at the conference, we are confident that the attitude will improve towards sentencing of guilty parties. A Judge at the conference told us about a matter he handled where a customer sued Kaduna Electric for disconnection and was requested by the company to pay for loss of revenue when caught bypassing our meter. The customer tried to get an exparte order, but the Court did not grant the order. The same customer decided to settle the matter out of Court knowing that the Court will not tolerate the bad faith; he did not come to equity with clean hands.

When you are not working how do you relax?
I read, write, walk, bake, listen to music and try to learn new things.


Salisu Hamisu Danyaro,
Service Center Supervisor for 33KV Mafara
Tariff Reclassification key to Cash Collection

CCD: Salisu Hamisu Danyaro, you are the Service Center Supervisor for 33KV Mafara, give us an insight in to your background. 

I was born and brought up in Kaduna. My primary to tertiary education was here in Kaduna except for National Youth Service Corps that took me to Cross River state. I obtained my first degree In Kaduna State University where I got my B.Sc in Industrial Chemistry. Before joining Kaduna Electric, I worked with Stanbic IBTC, Skye Bank and Sanat Home Art.

CCD: What are your roles as a Service Center Supervisor?
SHM: My primary responsibility is to promote cash drive by way of increasing customer population, reducing outstanding debts and ensuring 100% collection of current charges.
Also, to maintain a cordial relationship with all the customers by solving their problems efficiently and effectively.

CCD: What are the obstacles to efficient cash collection?
The major challenge the company is having is energy theft. We have cases of meter tampering and illegal connections etc.
Illegal connections are connections done by customers without the consent of the company and mostly such customers are not captured in the company’s data base.
Another category of customers is those who pay below their current charges and some of them engage in looping: this simply means they allow their neighbors to tap energy. This practice is prevalent in the rural areas.

Estimated billing also hinders cash collection because most customers consume more than they pay for.

CCD: Reconnection fee is a source of revenue for the company. How do you ensure that reconnection fees are remitted into the company’s account?

SHM: For me, this is very simple. Once a customer is disconnected, the customer should be issued a disconnection order/notice. The Sales Rep is expected to ensure that the customer pays the current charge in full besides the reconnection fee which should be paid at the Area Office.

CCD: Are you exploring the customer enumeration aspect of revenue generation?
Yes, we are. But enumeration is not the only answer to revenue generation, especially in areas where you cannot find new customers; rather you can only separate them. By doing so, the customer population increases without a corresponding increase in revenue. This is where tariff reclassification comes in to ensure that customers are properly placed on their tariff class; only then will revenue increase.
It has not been easy for me given that I cover the rural areas, but despite that I have increased my population by about 32% which is gradually translating into increase in revenue.

CCD: Any appeal or suggestion to staff?

SHM: To my coworkers, please we should treat the business as ours, which is why I must emphasize on team.
Everyone must make cash collection their business. It is not a job only for Marketers or Supervisors and Service Centers.
Let the Service Centers who are not doing particularly very well share the strategies that are working for others.  Your performance is a collective thing at the Area Office level.