Thursday, 14 November 2019


The Efficiency of Collection Channels Guarantee Revenue Assurance - Abubakar I. Garba

CCD: Can we have your brief profile?                      
AIG:I am Abubakar Idris Garba, I am with the finance and account department. I am a graduate of accounting from Ahmadu Bello University (A B U) Zaria. I started my working career with Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company in 2010 to 2011 where I served. I worked with international microcredit microfinance bank, a subsidiary to planet finance from 2011 to 2015.
CCD:When did you join the service of the Company?          
AIG: I joined the Service of this Company in 2015; I started in Doka Area Office, I was later transferred to Head Office in revenue and collection channels. I really enjoined working with my superior from Doka area office to head office and my present station (Rigasa Area Office). Frankly speaking, all my superiors are extremely good, I gained enormous knowledge from them in revenue and collection channels in conjunction with finance and account department where all team members are ready to put each other through where necessary, which added more value to my experience in the field of Accounting profession.
CCD: What are your primary Responsibilities?         
AIG: My primary responsibilities are:
Supervision of the cash Offices and clearing cashiers. I also ensure proper maintenance of daily cash registers and cash machines. I ensure provision of adequate working materials for day to day revenue collection operations in all cash offices. 
It is also my duty to ensure timely evacuation of cash from cashiers by clearing cashier and timely lodgments of same in the bank. I review cash lodgments and deposit slips by clearing cashier and cashiers’ cash collection report. I also ensure timely preparation and submission of weekly and monthly collection returns. Occasionally, I attend and resolve customer complaint in the cash offices. 
CCD:Tell us what it is like being a Service Center supervisor?
AIG: Being a Service Center supervisor is very interesting and sometimes tasking due to nature of the job and the caliber of people you will meet when discharging your official duty. 
 CCD:What are you doing in terms of relationship Management with Staff?
AIG: My relationship with staff is diplomatic and firm so that the desired output can be achieved in stipulated period of time in the schedule and as instructed by my superiors.
CCD: What do you consider as the challenging part of being supervisor?
AIG: The challenging part of the job is the ensuring availability of logistics in the various service centers   and liaising with clearing cashier to ensure cahiers are always punctual in their offices.
CCD:Any appeal or suggestions to staff and management?
AIG: My appeal to the management is to improve on the availability of working material in the cash offices at all time as well as welfare of cashiers allowances during public holiday. I also suggest consistent training on cash handling to be organized for those in revenue collection department.