Thursday, 29 March 2018


Increased Awareness Will Reduce Cases of Electrocution

CCD: Safiyanu Ahmad, tell us a bit about yourself.
SA:SA: I studied Computer Science and I am the Data Analyst for Rigasa Area Office. I started as a Marketer where I worked for almost two years and later posted here to take up this new position.

CCD: What is the role of a Data Analyst, especially for an Area Office?
SA: I do all reports sent to the Head Office; I handle data related Customer Record Maintenance (CRM) and matters related Rigasa data. 

The monthly data captured on the field by Customer Care Representatives is sent to the Head Office. Usually, data of new customers on the network are collated and sent to me for analysis.

We store information about customers whose accounts have been suspended; also information about inactivated bills. 

I do analysis of defaulting customers and mark them for disconnection. I also track the Sale Reps’ weekly and monthly collections and send the information to the Head Office for monthly appraisal.

CCD: What do you consider the most difficult part of being a Data Analyst?
SA: The challenging part for me is funding; the funding that comes to Rigasa Area office is very little given the kind revenue we generate here.
In the past, the Area Office was only able to collect 40 to 45 million Naira monthly from non-Maximum Demand customers.  But things changed in January this year and we started collecting double the amount that we inherited. This improvement was of course due mainly to personal marketing. 

The personal marketing strategy was adopted to prevent the use of disconnection, which we use only as last resort.  But I must confess that convincing them to pay has not been easy given that 90% of our customers are unmetered. 
We have a total of 50,000 customers and 43,000 are on estimated billing. So, you can imagine how difficult it is collecting money from 43,000 customers.

This is why funding is very important. Not just the amount but the timing of the release too. Delay release of money will delay the activities of the enforcement team.
Management should endeavor to send the funding latest on the 5th of every month. 

Operational vehicles are also inadequate especially as we have to cover areas like Gwazaye known to be an unsafe area. We still have to cover such areas because they consume electricity and we need vehicles for such trips.

We also need to provide meters to areas where they are highly needed and where their consumption is presumably high, as we have had so many complaints from Gwamna road especially to install meters for them.

CCD: There has been an increase in the number accidents lately, what do you think the company can do to forestall a frequent occurrence?
SA: Awareness is the key. Even though people know that electricity can be dangerous if proper caution is not taken but it is equally important to remind them of these dangers. 
Also, on our part we need to replace a lot of wires especially in Rigasa. I can recall that during Strive Workshop, it was mentioned as one of the projects that the company hopes to embark on. If these precautionary measures are taken, I believe the incidence of electrocution will be reduced.

CCD: The new structure was recently unveiled, where do you see yourself career-wise?  
SA: I am an IT person because I read Computer Science, so I would like to practise what I read. I have a lot to contribute to make this company Information Technology based. This will make our operations and collection better.

CCD: Any advice on how management can improve the business? 
SA: I will recommend more staff training which the company is already doing.  
Reduction of ATC&C losses, which I think the company, should do all that it can to tackle. 
Then to staff: we should be committed to our duties because this is where we earn our daily bread, so, we must do all we can to make the company great.

Friday, 23 March 2018


Kaduna Electric JTF Recovers 339 Compromised Meters


In its continuous battle against energy theft, the management of Kaduna Electric has constituted an internal Joint Task Force (JTF) to fight the menace.

Recently, the JTF team visited customers under Kakuri Feeder and discovered 339 meters that have been bypassed.

The team covered Baban Dodo and Zango streets where only 30 customers tendered vending slips ranging from N2,000 and below.

In a statement made available by the Head, Corporate Communication, Abdulazeez Abdullahi, he disclosed that the customers involved have been disconnected and issued adequate penalties.

According to Abdullahi, the customers can only be reinstalled upon payment of the full penalties and the meters recertified.

The 339 Prepaid meters retrieved, he said, are at present undergoing recertification while awaiting payment by the customers involved.

According to him, the leadership of the Makera Area Office, under which the Kakuri Feeder is, has had series of meetings and customer engagements with the traditional rulers, community leaders and youth leaders before the commencement of the exercise to dissuade customers from engaging in meter bypass.
Kaduna Electric Decries Vandalism of Power Supply Assets
Ø  Disco loss ten transformers in three months

The Management of Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company has appealed to community leaders and other stakeholders alike to rise-up against the menace of vandalism of power supply installations which it said is causing untold hardship to its customers and colossal revenue loss to the Company.
The Business Development and Regional Officer of the Rigasa Area Office of the Company, Malam Ibrahim Mohammed made the call in Kaduna yesterday during the customers’ consultative forum held at the Area office.
He disclosed that in the first three months of this year alone, the Company in Rigasa Area office has lost equipment worth millions of naira in about ten incidents of vandalism of power supply assets belonging to the Company, a development he described as “a serious set-back to the company’s effort at providing steady and qualitative power supply to the customers”.
He revealed that some the transformers vandalised during the period included Chawai and Chanchangi sub-stations in Tudun wada, Musabaka sub-station in Kinkinau, Sani Malunfashi sub-station in Kurmin mashi, Zamfara and Kangiwa sub-stations in Rigasa, National eye Centre sub-station in Mahuta village and an armoured cable on Leventis feeder by CBN within the central business area of Yakubu Gowon Way, kaduna.
Malam Ibrahim also charged customers of the Company to ensure prompt and timely settlement of their electricity bills, stating that “it is the only way to guarantee necessary investment in infrastructural development and improvement in service delivery”.
The Village Heads of Unguwan Sunusi, Alhaji Muhammadu and Sabon Garin Tudun-wada, Alhaji Rilwanu Shehu in their separate contributions, commended the Company for the initiative and called for the sustenance of the interactive forum. Alhaji Rilwanu Shehu specifically called on the management of the Disco to supply pre-paid meters to all its customers as a panacea to the frequent altercation and misunderstanding between the Company and its customers over estimated bills.

Marketing Chief Tasks Staff on Innovative Cash Collection Strategy

The Chief Marketing and Customer Services Officer, Mallam Murtala Bello has charged marketing staff at the Kebbi Area Office to devise more workable strategies to meet their cash collection targets.

The marketing Chief gave this directive during the Monthly Performance Review meeting for marketing staff recently in Birnin Kebbi.

He noted that a cursory look at the current collection trend in Kebbi calls for a change in the approach the marketers are used to admonishing them that it is by showing more commitment and innovative strategies that new results can be achieved.

“The company didn’t employ you just to distribute bills and disconnect defaulting customers. It is way beyond that because anybody can do that. You must show your ability to meet and surpass set cash collection targets”.

He tasked them to explain the dynamics involved in getting electricity to homes of the customers adding that customers should be encouraged to give the same priority they give to fuel and recharge card to payment of electricity bills.

“Excuses will no longer be tenable because we are all expected to come up with innovative ways to improve our current cash collection situation”.

The Business Development and Relationship Officer Kebbi Area Office, Engr. Dogara Saidu thanked Mallam Bello for providing different perspectives to cash collection while urging the marketing team to start brainstorming. 
He warned that the company would no longer tolerate lazy staff, disclosing that every marketer is being monitored from the Distribution Transformers up to the Managing Director’s office.

Emirate Council Backs Penalty for Illegal Connections, Non-Bill Payment 

Residents of Gwandu Emirate Council have been warned of the consequences of engaging in illegal connections and non-payments of electricity bills, as they will be made to face the full wrath of the laws.

The warning came from the Emir of Gwandu, Alhaji Muhammadu Illiyasu Bashar after a meeting with officials of Kaduna Electric at Abdullahi Fodio Palace in Birnin Kebbi.

The Emir condemned the attitude of some customers who are of the habit of stealing energy, describing it as sabotaging the efforts of the distribution company and called for stronger penalties for such individuals to serve as deterrent to others.

 Alhaji Muhammadu Illiyasu Bashar who lauded the efforts of the company, decried the attitude of electricity users who refuse to pay for what they use.

He however cautioned some staff of Kaduna Electric whom he said are engaged in corrupt practices capable of jeopardizing the efforts of the company.

In his remarks, the Special Adviser to the Kebbi State Governor on Political and Energy Matters, Alh Yusuf Haruna, Sardaunan Gwandu, noted that non-payment of monthly bills by customers in the state would force the company to divert its energy to other states that are ready to pay. 

He warned that if things do not improve the company will have no option than to take drastic measures to avoid its imminent collapse.

Sardaunan Gwandu announced that the new payment arrangement commences from this month (March 2018) and that no customer will be spared for failure to meet up with the new measures.
Also speaking, the BDRO of Kebbi Area Office, Engr. Dogara Saidu commended the Kebbi State Government and the Emirate Council for the measures taken to ensure prompt payments of bills assuring them of the management’s continued commitment.

Speaking about the efforts currently being made, leader of the team, Mallam Halilu Ibrahim Bashar said that there are new measures being carried out which involve door to door, village to village and house to house approach to ensure total eradication of illegal connections and promote prompt payment of bills.

Thursday, 22 March 2018


Customer Care Unit Deserves More Attention
- CSS  Barnawa 

CCD: Hope Samuel, you are the Customer Service Supervisor (CSS) for Barnawa Area Office, tell us about your job.
HS: One of our most important mandates is to delight our customers; we make them happy, we try as much as we can to follow up their complaints within the shortest possible time. Resolving their issues is another way of making them happy, the more you make them happy, they more we  receive a favourable response from them. 
CCD: Complaints resolution seems to be one of your most important roles.
HS: Not exactly, we also carry out some sensitization programmes with the aim of educating them on varied issues, some of which are basic and would not require them to come to the office a lay a complaint.  
There is also sensitization on what the company is all about to enable them to appreciate some of the challenges we are facing and what their obligations are to the company.
Other areas we enlighten them on are vandalism and energy theft. For instance, a customer who has compromised his meter will still come and lay complaint of irregular supply. They need to be aware that meter bypass is crime before they will know that they don't have any moral standing once they compromise the process.
Some of our customers also do not know that what we distribute is dependent on what we get from TCN. This and more are some of the issues that the customer is educated on.

CCD: What then are the most frequent complaints you receive based on experience? 
HS: In Barnawa, the most frequent complaints are metering issues. They will complain of "blank meter" and that their meter is "running fast".
For those complaining about their meter "running fast", we send our team to investigate only to find out that the meters are working fine.
In some of the case of "meter running", from experience, it has been found to be associated with wrong internal wiring. The meter will capture this in its reading thereby making the units run fast. 
Use of substandard wires too can cause the meter to capture it in its reading; so, we educate them on the dangers of using substandard materials for wiring and advise them to hire the services of a qualified technician to have a normal reading. 

CCD: In your opinion, what is the most difficult part of being a customer care representative? 
HS: One of the most common difficulties we experience is the case of transferred aggression. This is when a customer is angry from home and will pass it to a Customer Representative; but we still handle them professionally.
Firstly, we handle the customer in a cautious manner; we show empathy by putting ourselves in the customer's shoes, listening to the customer by making him/her know that you would have reacted the same way.
We have a case where a customer slapped a metering staff and the company is currently investigating it.

CCD: Teamwork is one of the company's core values; do you consider yourself a team player?
HS: Yes, I am a team player because we are all gifted with varied talents therefore you cannot stand alone and must depend on others to achieve a great thing.
Through the contributions of others, viable solutions to many problems have been reached which would have been a difficult thing to achieve.
Being a leader of a team, I listen to people that are reporting to me, I listen to what they have to say and if they have a superior point that will even make us progress, I quickly adopt it and sometimes the leader takes the glory without anybody knowing that it was a team work. 
As a leader, if you are doing well, it invariably means your team is doing well, so team spirit is the ultimate.

CCD: Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our relationship with customers?
HS: Like I said earlier, sensitization is very key because when I was in Doka I did it and even till now I think most of the customers are still requesting for it.
Fora like that provide opportunity for a two-way communication; whereby customers are educated and informed about our efforts/challenges while listening to them too to enable us to improve on our service delivery. 
So, I will suggest we organize more Customer Consultative fora. The one I organized then, really made a lot of impact on customers because the previous month they did better with 30% increase in cash collections.

Some of the issues we covered bordered on the need to pay for electricity and harping on the fact that electricity is not for free, because most of them believe that it is from the government, "wutan Gwamnati ne ba zan biya ba" meaning " electricity is provided by the government, we won't pay for it". 
But by the time you keep engaging them, they will begin to understand that this business is now being privately run, that private individuals invested money with the expectation to have returns on their investments.

Sadly, if you look at the attitude of management towards customer care you would be disappointed. Take a look at the budget even the new STRIVE Project; you would not see anything tangible concerning customer care.
Honestly, I feel differently about this approach; customer care should be given some priority because we project the company's brand as the front staff, but it seems nobody sees it that way.

CCD:  What areas do you want management to address?
HS: They are doing well but can do more for Customer Care Unit (CCU). They should not just neglect the Unit. We see them developing strategies without any plan for CCU. 
Although, with the coming of the Customer Care Unit, I will say it is a commendable move. 
They should see customer care as a money generating part of the business because we delight our customers
It is sad that nobody is seeing the efforts we are making, all they see is cash collections, Sales Reps, Supervisors, nobody is talking about Customer Care 
There is no form of encouragement for staff of CCU, even in award recognition Customer Care is not included. They should include and encourage Customer Care Unit in whatever they are doing.   

Thursday, 15 March 2018


Increased Market Size Will Enhance Revenue

CCD:  Rilwanu Shehu, tell us what your experience has been like with Kaduna Electric?
RS: I joined the company in January 2005 when it was Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) as Lines Officer. I was later seconded to the Marketing unit as a marketer.
I had the opportunity to witness the transition from PHCN to the now Kaduna Electric and I was one of the lucky ones that scaled through a rigorous recruitment exercise by Kaduna Electric in 2015; I was retained. 
I have supervised a few Service Centers in Sokoto Area Office, namely: Industrial Service Center, Kaduna Road Service Center, Birnin Kebbi Road Service Center and Rinjin Sambo Service Center. Currently I am the Supervisor for NTA feeder.
CCD: Give us an insight into your role as a Supervisor.
RS: My primary assignment as the Feeder Supervisor is to effectively manage my team to ensure 100% monthly cash collection is achieved. I also ensure that customers' complaints are resolved within shortest time possible. Also, I monitor the bill distribution on daily basis, from when bills are printed to distribution stage.

CCD: In what way does your primary assignment contribute towards the attainment of the vision and mission of the company?
RS: We interface with the customers, and we collect revenue, which is key to organizational survival and growth. We deal with all categories of customers and we respond to their needs accordingly. Therefore, we are direct representatives of the company. We ensure that customers understand our organizational goals thereby establishing the much-needed mutual relationship, which is towards the attainment of our vision and mission as an electricity distribution company.

CCD: Meeting our collection target has remained a major challenge facing the Area offices; how do you intend to reverse this trend in your area?
RS: Increasing our market size is the key here, which can be achieved by continuous enumeration of both existing and new customers. When more customers are captured into the billing system more revenue will be generated. 
Secondly, blocking leakages such as energy theft (meter bypass) and recovery of outstanding debt will surely increase collection.

CCD: Any appeal or suggestion to staff and the management?
RS: My philosophy is whatever you have signed up to do, it is expected you do it well. It is our earnings from this company that we feed our families therefore we should carry out our responsibilities with all dedication. We all must put Kaduna Electric first and strive hard to uplift the business that puts food on our table. The management on its part should reciprocate by providing all the needed working tools and welfare to sustain a highly motivated workforce that would make both the mission and vision of the company attainable. 

CCD: What do you do in your leisure time?
RS: I like watching current affairs programmes on Television and listening on Radio. I play football a little.      

Friday, 9 March 2018


Kaduna Electric Hosts ANED HR Practitioners 
By Halima Shuaibu

L-R:Agathe Gondinet, CONDIFOR;Uday Mishra, CCSO Kaduna Electric: Rotimi Adebari, ANED; Khadija Kabir, Head, HR during the just concluded ANED HR Workshop

Kaduna Electric has hosted a workshop for Heads of Human Resources under the aegis of Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED).
The workshop which held at the Head Office of Kaduna Electric from the 7th to 9th of March 2018, with the theme ‘Empowering DISCOS’ HR Managers to Build Capacity and Performance in the Sector’, was targeted at empowering all Heads of Human Resources drawn from the 11 Discos.
In his opening speech the Chairman, Kaduna Electric Barr. Hamisu Abubakar, said the role of Human Resources is germane to the success of the Nigerian Electricity Industry.
The Chairman who was represented by the Chief Corporate Services Officer, Mr. Uday Mishra, while welcoming the participants to the workshop urged them to take advantage of the learning session to share best practices for the betterment of the industry.
Some of the participants expressed readiness to learn from the workshop and share experiences with their colleagues.  They also showed enthusiasm to apply what they have learnt to suit their local situations.
The lead facilitator, Mr. Uday Mishra, in his presentation, titled “HR- The Change Driver” discussed the strategies with which the participants can implement change in their organizations.
The session, which was an interactive one, entertained contributions from all participants.  


Your Performance Will Determine How Far You Can Go - BDRO Kebbi
By Nafiu Kabir 

The Business Development and Relationship Officer (BDRO), Kebbi Area Office, Engr. Dogara Saidu has charged staff of his Area Office to redouble their efforts towards meeting their targets as excuses for low performance will no longer be condoned. 
The BDRO who gave the charge while on a supervisory visit to all the Service Centers in his Area Office tasked the marketing team especially to do all they can to minimize losses and to increase the company’s collection.
He however, warned against violating the company’s rules and regulations, which he said, would attract serious punitive measure.
He reminded them of the new appraisal system which he said will determine who will stay or leave the company depending on individual’s contribution. 
Speaking on the poor collection of the Area Office, Saidu urged them to come up with workable strategies that will enable them to bridge the gap between cash collection and energy consumed. 
“No business can survive the way we are going. If we continue collecting what is way below the energy consumed, then we will be out of business. This is part of the reasons why every one of you must embark on customer education and not mere bill distribution. We need to get the customer to know that for electricity to get to them, they have to pay 100% value of their bills.”
Engr. Saidu also spoke on the need to be punctual at work, prompt delivery of reports and strict adherence to the company’s core values. 
He stressed the need for Sales and Marketing representatives to be firm during cash collection adding that it is the business that suffers if they do not handle the customers firmly.
“You have to be firm with the customer without being rude to them. The money has to be collected.”

Also speaking, the Operations Supervisor, Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara Area Offices, Engr. Umar Sani Argungu challenged the Service Center Supervisors and Sales Representative to meet their target. 
He advised them on ways to simplifying their target into achievable goals by delimiting it to daily, weekly and monthly targets, which according to him serves as a way towards achieving set objectives in a measurable manner.


Kaduna Electric Seeks Support of Gwandu Emirate on Prompt Bill Payment 
By Nafiu Kabir 

L-R: BDRO Kebbi AO, Engr. Dogara Saidu and the Emir of Gusau Alh. Muhammad Iliyasu Bashar
The Business Development and Relationship Officer (BDRO), Kebbi Area Office, Engr. Dogara Saidu has led his team to the palace of Emir of Gwandu and Chairman Council of Chiefs, Kebbi State, Alh. Muhammad Iliyasu Bashar, to further solicit for his assistance for the settlement of bills by consumers in the area.
Addressing the Kaduna Electric team, the Emir assured them of his continued support in ensuring that his subjects pay for electricity under new electricity payment arrangement as designed by the company.
He revealed that he has instructed all District and Community leaders in the emirate to support new plan in order to forestall recurrences of a power outage.
Explaining the implication of not paying, the royal father said that all members of the community are advised to pay to the electricity committee as and when due, failure of which will make paying customers suffer what they did not do. He noted that private individuals are now running the business of electricity, which implies that it is profit driven.
Speaking on efforts the emirate is making, Alh. Bashar said all religious leaders have also been encouraged to preach the importance of paying for electricity.
“We already have the support of all District Heads who have pledged to pass the information to all residents of the community. We also implore you to get your staff to maintain a high level of professionalism in the discharge of their duties”. 
Responding, the BDRO thanked the Emir and the members of the Emirate Council. He specifically expressed his profound gratitude to former Governor of Kebbi State, Senator Atiku Abubakar Bagudu, who he said had always been supporting the company.
The company he said will not relent in its effort in providing stable supply of electricity but will not be able achieve this if the end users don’t pay for it. 
Engr. Saidu called for the continued cooperation from the good people of Gwandu while promising to ensure that they enjoy power supply. 
He went further to expatiate on some the efforts the company is making to make power available and payment easy, explaining that there has been a huge deployment of smart meters, online payment options and prompt resolution of technical faults.

Kaduna Electric Gets 24hrs Call Center
By Halima Shuaibu
 Kaduna Electric has once again demonstrated its commitment to being pro-customer electricity service retailer by opening a 24-hour Call Center to make complaint resolutions even more convenient.
Speaking on the development, the Team Lead, Customer Service, Mrs. Funmilayo King said the customer is always a consideration when it concerns complaints resolution. 
She noted that with a prompt complaint resolution channel, the queues at the Service Centers would be reduced and the customer would be happier at the end.
“Ease and convenience are some of its obvious benefits. We want to be at our customers’ beck and call at every point in time, 24 hours a day.” 
All complaints will be forwarded to the relevant department for necessary action and the customer can easily call back for a follow up”.
The numbers to call are: 08174035711, 08189884459, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Zaria Area Office Loses Linesman
L-R BDRO Zaria AO, Masoud Salisu while presenting the award for the
“Best Linesman for the month of January 2018” to late
Engr. Suleiman Ahmed

Engr. Suleiman Ahmed a linesman at the Kofar Kibo Feeder, Zaria Area Office has died. He died while working on a Low Tension (LT) pole at Barewa College Zaria.
The deceased who was recently awarded the “Best Linesman for the month of January 2018” has been described by the Business Development and Relationship Officer for the area, Mallam Masoud Salisu as “a dedicated and hardworking staff”. 
The deceased has since been buried according to Islamic rites.