Wednesday, 22 February 2017


There is no doubt that the power supply situation has improved now; power generation has reached 4626 megawatts today; customers now enjoys reasonable stability in power supply; Kaduna Electric has improved supply to customers across the four franchise states of the Company; meters deployments and customers enumerations are going on as planned;
The Company can do much more than it is doing now with your support and co-operation; be alive to your responsibilities; pay your bills as at when due, apprehend or report miscreants tampering with power supply installations, be more vigilant especially when unknown/suspicious persons are roaming around power supply facilities.
You are an important stakeholder in the industry. We all must be alive to our responsibilities; Let join hand to ensure steady and qualitative power supply. Together we can achieve this.
Kaduna Electric...... Reliable energy.....Endless possibilities

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