Wednesday, 1 February 2017


The Management of Kaduna Electric Distribution Company has confirmed the appointments of employees who have demonstrated commitment, loyalty and expertise on their assigned responsibilities. 

About 90% of the company's workforce were confirmed while some were  put on a six months probationary period within which it is expected their performance would have improved to earn them confirmation. Those staff whose performance was dismal had their appointments terminated.

The Managing Director\Chief Executive officer of the company, Engineer Garba Haruna said in a statement that those confirmed 'have been found competent enough to be team members after the conclusion of the recent talent review" conducted by the company. 

Engineer Garba while congratulating the successful employees charged them to see their confirmation 'as an exhibition of the company's belief in attracting and retaining best available talents to build core competencies" for the success of the company.

He also charged other staff whose appointments are yet to be confirmed to use the six months' probation period provided by the company "to focus on strengthening their knowledge and skills, enhance their individual and leadership capabilities and make sincere contributions" to the success of the company.

The Electricity boss reminded the entire work force of the company of the challenges before them and the need for all to be more dedicated to their duties and come-up with more innovative solutions.    

He said "Irrespective of our position, status, department and location, for all of us it is simply time to roll up our sleeves and settle for serious business as we redouble our efforts towards making Kaduna Electric the quintessential stakeholders' delight.   It should be borne in mind that each employee's continuous relevance in the organisation rests squarely on the ability to meet the company's needs, aspirations and goals from time to time.

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