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Constant Customer Monitoring has Improved our Bottomline 

CCD: Tell us a bit about yourself?
AM: My name is Abdullahi Mohammed Bandur; I was born and brought up in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital. I am a graduate of Geology from the University of Maiduguri. And I am at present the High Customer Base Manager (HCBM) of Zamfara Regional office.

CCD: When did you join the company and what was your primary assignment.
AM: I joined Kaduna Electric in September 2015, just like many of my colleagues. My primary assignment as HCBM is numerous, but the key responsibilities of my office are as follows: Ensuring monthly reading of all analogue meters, regular customer payment history analysis, PPM vending analysis, embarking on strategies to increase revenue collection (response rate, tariff reclassification, new customers enumeration).
Others are: Preparing PPM report and reporting of billing complaints to Commercial Manager, meeting the revenue collection targets of the Company within the regional office, identifying emerging markets to harness opportunities for new customer acquisition and carrying out other related tasks assigned by the BDRO.

CCD: You were recently elevated to the position of HCBM Zamfara RO, tell us about it?
AM: Well, this is a clear manifestation that Kaduna Electric is a performance-based organization; so long that you are dedicated, committed and proactive on your job. In a null shell, I am very much delighted that my efforts did not go unnoticed hence my promotion to the position of High Customers Base Manager here in Zamfara State.

CCD: What do you find the most challenging since your new position?
AM: As you know the primary duty of HCBM is to ensure 100% revenue generation of the entire regional office's target. Although, there are other duties like ensuring 100% bills distribution, meter reading, and scrutinizing existing pre-payment meter if there are any traces of bypass. But among all, the key task is revenue generation, it involves a lot of managerial skills and tactics to engage customers and convince them professionally to settle their bills.

CCD: Vandalism and looping are some of the toughest challenges facing the company, how prepared are you to take on this task?
AM: This involves two proactive measures.
1) General public awareness on the importance of protecting Kaduna Electric installations in their community.
2)  Engaging the law enforcement agencies in protecting our installations. 
If there is going to be an outage for instance, the law enforcement agents would be informed and this is why we have established a very cordial relationship with the police Commissioner, Director State Security Services (DSS) and the Commandant of Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corp.
And for customers who illegally connect to our supply we usually refer such matters to the appropriate security agencies to help us tackle such cases. On our part, we must ensure that they satisfy all NERC regulations before we reconnect them.

CCD: Tell me how you address customers who are seriously aggrieved?
AM: As we all know the popular saying that 'customer is king'; we must give them audience and handle their complaints effectively. And then politely explain to them what the company policy is concerning complaints resolution and settlement of bills.

CCD: How do you intend to make Gusau Regional office a role model for other Regional Offices? 
AM: There are several strategies being mapped out but the fundamental problem we are having is implementation and sustainability. Here in Zamfara, we have introduced
"operation repeated visits", this involves the participation of all staff in the regional office. And sincerely speaking it is yielding results.
And secondly, we ensure that we cover our Feeders end to end.

CCD: What would you consider your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
AM: My strengths are my abilities and skills to meet deadlines, which I will attribute to my passion for the job.
Then for my weakness, I experience great psychological stress when I do not meet up my monthly target.

CCD: Any appeal or suggestion to other staff and management?
AM: My appeal to staff is for all to be more dedicated to their duties.
And for the Management, I urge them to seriously look into the issue of understaffing in Zamfara Regional Office.

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